The SIOS EPP gauge block calibration system for calibrating gauge blocks uses an LM 20 laser interferometric probe as the upper measuring probe. It has a measuring range of 20 mm and a resolution of 1 nm.

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig determined a measurement error of less than 10 nm for this probe during gauge block calibration. This means that the number of standard gauge blocks required can be reduced to 15 for a 122-part gauge block set according to a PTB recommendation.

With a calibration procedure, the linear errors of the gauge block tester (misalignment, skewing of the probe, temperature influences) can be determined and corrected. The comfortable operation of the gauge block test station as well as the correction, evaluation and output of the measured values are carried out via a PC with the software "InfasGAUGE" (parallel gauge block calibration).

  • measuring arrangement with two aligned probes
  • LM 20 laser interferometric probe guarantees high measuring accuracy and linearity
  • only 15 standard gauge blocks required for the calibration of a 122-piece gauge block set
  • cost savings due to low recalibration effort
  • savings in measurement time due to user-guided measurement sequence
  • calibration of unusual nominal dimensions and materials possible
  • high linearity over the entire measuring range
  • constant probe measuring force over the entire measuring range
  • correction of the test specimen and normal temperature
  • material temperature sensor (optional 4 pieces)
  • PC software under Windows

Download technical specifications datasheet here.

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  • calibration of gauge blocks with rectangular cross section in the range from 0.5 to 100 mm
  • determination of parameters according to ISO 3650

Ideal for

  • quality control 
  • calibration
  • gauge block calibration