Lyncée Tec: Microscopes for 3D real-time optical topography


Lyncée Tec SA combines for the first time in microscopy nanometric resolution, real time and non-invasive 3D observations in a revolutionary technology called "Digital Holographic Microscopy" (DHM™). The characteristics of DHM™ instruments make out of it a unique solution for following the whole development cycle of a product, from innovative R&D to quality control in production line, passing through the quantitative optimization of the manufacturing process. More here .

DHM - T1000 Holographic Transmission Microscope


Fast, robust and accurate characterization of transparent samples

The DHM T1000 is a transmission configuration microscope, suitable for transparent or semi-transparent samples. In this configuration, DHM not only provides information about the specimen surface, but is also capable of detecting structures located inside the material.

In transmission, DHM provides real-time measurements of optical path length with an accuracy of better than ?/600, providing a very high sensitivity to thickness or volume variations as well as to refractive index changes.

DHM T1000 microscopes are particularly well adapted for characterizing purely phase objects, such as biological cells, without contrast agents and at very low illumination power, thus providing unrivalled possibilities for non-invasive observations in life science applications.

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DHM - R1000 Holographic Reflection Microscope


Fast and robust nanometric surface topography

The DHM R1000 is a reflection configuration microscope. It is suitable for totally and partially reflecting objects. Its ability to work with low reflective interfaces (down to 1% reflectivity), makes it the ideal tool for rapid inspection and accurate surface topography measurements on a large variety of samples.

As a result of its very high vertical resolution better than 1 nanometer, DHM R1000 is particularly suited for applications on smooth and polished surfaces with an averaged roughness of less than 0.2 µm. For higher averaged roughnesses, DHM performances depend on the specimen geometry, and on the desired measurements. Vertical scanning, available as an option, allows the vertical measurement range to be increased, but with a decreased vertical resolution.

Thanks to its high acquisition rate and ease of use, DHM R1000 allows rapid routine inspections, automated industrial quality control as well as R&D applications, particularly for dynamic observations. Stroboscopic synchronisation is available as an option and enables characterization of high frequency periodic motions.

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Lyncée Tec Live 3D Profilometer

LyncéeTec Live 3D Profilometer

The LyncéeTec Live 3D Profilometer solution by DHM® provides a unique approach for 3D topography characterization. Additionally to measurement of static samples, Digital Holographic Microscopy’s (DHM) “live” acquisition enables 3D measurements on moving and deformable samples.

Key features:

High temporal resolution

  • 3D topography acquisition rate up to 1000 frames per second
  • Data acquisition time typically 100 microseconds, optional 10 microseconds

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