Fischer Terahertz systems enable the measurement of organic and dielectric single or multilayer systems on any base material and analyze various material properties with harmless terahertz waves – with high precision, proven repeatability and within seconds. The non-destructive and non-contact terahertz technology we provide you as an automated, modular measurement system whose powerful software delivers market-leading measurement performance.

Fischer works together with various system integrators and system manufacturers. One of our established partners, for example, is ITgroup.

Explore Fischer Terahertz systems at the links below:

Fischer Terascope: Unbeatable in automated terahertz measurement

Fischer Tera Suite: The highly efficient and smart solution for your quality control with the Terascope.

Fischer Technical Note: Terahertz measuring method for measuring organic and dielectric single and multilayer systems

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Technology Highlights:

Terahertz technology: Non-destructive and non-contact measurement of organic single and multilayer systems on any base material

Market-leading measurement performance: Up to 6 THz bandwidth* for highest precision and repeatability (*Depending on configuration.)

Uniquely high sampling rate of 1.6 kHz*: Resistant to all undesired mechanical vibrations, for fast and precise measurement results even in harsh environments (*Depending on configuration.)

Optimized for automation: Measuring head with a total weight of 6 kg, easy to integrate into existing and new systems

Low maintenance thanks to immovable parts: Electro-optical measurement for maximum uptime

Wide-ranging expertise: Comprehensive know-how and personal advice from our team of experts – from application consulting and commissioning to trainings and after-sales support

3-in-1 innovation: Combines terahertz technology with patented Clean-Trace technology and determination of radar transmission and reflection

Powerful software: User-oriented and intuitive software for your coating thickness measurement and material analysis

Built to last: Robust design for uninterrupted 24/7 industrial use

High reliability: Proven repeatability through traceability of results and color teaching

Customized: We have the right measuring solution for you

Made in Germany: Highest quality standards in Fischer production guaranteed

Automatic referencing: Referencing of measurement system fully automatically for non-stop operation

Super-fast measuring: Measuring times of a few seconds

Particularly safe: Measuring with harmless terahertz waves