The Fischer Tera Suite is the highly efficient and smart solution for your quality control with the Terascope.

  • Fully automated measuring process
  • Measurement data in real time
  • Compatible with all common fieldbus systems

Convenient data handling is our top priority: Raw data in real time, quick modeling of the frequency spectrum, your measurement results at a glance – evaluating and exporting your measurement data has never been so efficient and convenient. Find out what intuitive handling with just a few clicks and full data control means.

Powerful and reliable: Efficiently performs all calculations in the background

Intuitive: User-friendly interface allows easy control of the entire measurement system

Resource-saving energy management: Definition of the operating hours and off times of the measurement system via the planning mode

Graphic display of measured values: Detailed visualization of the measurement results and each single layer

Easy integration: Compatible with TCP/IP or PROFINET, remote control via your process control system

Convenient data handling: Export of measurement results to all common data evaluation, statistic, and reporting programs

Full data control: All measurement data processed or as a complete raw data stream

Optional upgrade: The function for determining radar transmission and reflection can be purchased as an additional software package


These and many other features make Tera Suite® the powerful software for your quality control:

Tera Suite® enables the programming and fully automatic execution of recurring measuring sequences. Complex measuring processes in particular can be carried out easily and reliably as continuous inline measurements.

Define when your TERASCOPE® should be ready for operation with just a few clicks: With the Tera Suite®, you can regulate the operating hours and off periods of the measurement system and coordinate them optimally with your production process and shift planning.

Use the Tera Suite® to define specific time intervals at which the TERASCOPE® should reference itself regularly and fully automatically. We therefore offer you the optimum software solution for uninterrupted 24/7 use of the measuring system.

The Tera Suite® enables a clear presentation of the measured values in tabular form. These can be transferred to all common statistics programs.

The function for determining radar transmission and reflection can be purchased as an additional software package. This allows the coating thickness and the attenuation of radar signals on painted add-on parts, such as bumpers, to be determined in just one measurement.


  • Coating Thickness measurement
  • Up to 7 layers with just one measurement
  • Detection of invisible defects and inclusions as well as hidden corrosion
  • Tabular display of measured values for single and multilayer systems as well as for several measuring points simultaneously
  • Optionally including determining radar transmission and reflection, for example on bumpers

Material analysis

  • Testing of material properties
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Layer resistance
  • Mobility of free charge carriers (2DEG)
  • Density of charge carriers
  • Refractive index and extinction coefficient
  • Absorbed power
  • Single frequency characteristics

Receive your terahertz raw data stream in real time.

The software determines a high resolution frequency spectrum from the raw data stream, from which it calculates the caoting thicknesses and evaluates the material properties.

If the tolerance limits are exceeded or undercut, the measured values are visibly displayed in red.