Higher performance instrument for battery researchers

Although many advanced battery research starts with coin cells, most researchers are forced to use standard battery cyclers designed for testing large cells such as 18650 cells. Responding to researchers’ demand of more cost-effective battery cyclers, Nanobase, Inc. has launched NanoCycler, the higher performance battery cycler for research of coin cells. NanoCycler is easy and affordable for any battery researchers in chemistry, chemical engineering, electric engineering.

Download datasheet here.


  • Smooth
  • Simple
  • Compact
  • Expandable

Place your 2025, 2032 coin cells directly into NanoCycler
Just connect NanoCycler to PC via USB port for analysis
Using in constant temperature chambers? No problem!
Channel addition available for more than 80 channels per PC


  • Battery research in chemistry
  • Battery research in chemical engineering
  • Battery research in electric engineering