The Helmut Fischer FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDAL® 600 is designed as a user-friendly XRF bench-top instrument for non-destructive coating thickness measurements and material analysis. It is characterized by a compact, practical design which allows simple handling and operation. For quick and easy sample positioning, The XDAL 600 is equipped with a manually adjustable sample table (scissors table). Additionally, XRF analysis of layers with complex compositions or low concentrations is easily achieved. Even the coating thickness measurement and XRF material analysis of samples with complex geometries is straightforward.

As you are used to from all Fischer XRF spectrometers, the XDAL 600 is universally applicable. It features electrically interchangeable 4-fold aperture as well as 3-fold primary filter to create ideal excitation conditions for every measurement, resulting in maximum flexibility for a wide range of measurement tasks. The digital pulse processor DPP+ enables the processing of high count rates for highest measuring precision and shorter measuring times.

This energy dispersive XRF measuring instrument is developed with special attention to robustness and durability. So, all requirements are set for a long service life under all conditions, such as in electroplating and production environments. Like all Fischer XRF analyzers, you benefit from outstanding accuracy and long-term stability. Thus, the necessity of recalibration is considerably reduced and you save time and effort.


  • XRF measuring instrument fulfils X-ray standards DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568
  • Non-destructive material analysis and coating thickness measurement of very thin coatings
  • Fischer digital pulse processor DPP+ and sensitive Silicon drift detector (SDD) for maximum presicion, high resolution and short measuring times
  • 4x changeable aperture (collimator): Ø 0.1 mm (3.9 mils), Ø 0.3 mm (11.8 mils), Ø 1 mm (39.4 mils), Ø 3 mm (118 mils)
  • 3x changeable primary filter
  • Manually adjustable sample table (scissors table) for quick and easy sample positioning
  • Laser pointer as positioning aid supports the quick alignment of the sample
  • High-resolution color video camera simplifies the precise determination of the measurement area
  • Operation, evaluation of measurements and clear presentation of measured values via user-friendly Fischer WinFTM® software


  • Functional coatings on lead frames, connectors or printed circuit boards in the electronics and semiconductor industries
  • Determination of complex multi-lyer coating systems
  • Determination of the lead content in solder
  • Determination of the phosphorous content in NiP coatings