• Toptica TOPO – Widely Tunable High-Power cw OPO Laser System: A Singly-resonant OPO Laser System for MIR Spectroscopy and Applications

    Toptica TOPO – Widely Tunable High-Power cw OPO Laser System: A Singly-resonant OPO Laser System for MIR Spectroscopy and Applications

    TOPTICA's OPO laser system won the Prism Awards 2019 for scientific lasers at Photonics West!

    IR spectroscopy has never been easier. The powerful TOPOfrom Toptica delivers wide tunability, narrow linewidth, and convenient hands-free digital control. There are no modules to exchange and no adjustments to be made by hand. Ease of use and reliable performance make this CW OPO the right choice for challenging applications in IR spectroscopy and quantum optics.

    The revolutionary TOPO by TOPTICA stands alone as the only fully automated, continuous-wave, singly-resonant optical parametric oscillator laser source on the market. High resolution spectroscopy across 1.45 – 4.0 µm (2500 – 6900 cm-1) has never been easier.

    TOPTICA’s unique optical design enables broadly tunable laser light. No module or mirror exchange is necessary. Additionally, the all-digital control electronics enable hands-free coarse tuning, and frequency locking. A wide mode-hop-free tuning range up to 300 GHz (10 cm-1) enables visibility of full spectroscopic signatures. Simultaneously, the TOPO maintains a narrow linewidth (2 MHz, 1·10-5 cm-1) giving a solution that reveals narrow atomic and molecular features.

    • 1.45 - 4.0 µm (2500 - 6900 cm-1)
    • 300 GHz (10 cm-1) mode-hop-free tuning range
    • Narrow linewidth: 2 MHz (1·10-5 cm-1)
    • Hands-free motorized tuning
    • Easy all-digital DLC pro control

     Download datasheet here.


    DLC TOPO Signal Idler  
    Coarse tuning range* 1.45 - 2.07 µm 2.19 - 4.00 µm 2500 - 4570 cm-1 (idler), 4830 - 5050 cm-1 (signal)
    Output Power** 2 W 1 W  
    Linewidth < 2 MHz 2 MHz 1 x 10-5 cm-1
    Mode hop free tuning range*** < 1 GHz Up to 300 GHz**** Up to 10 cm-1 (idler)
    Beam Quality Factor M2** < 1.2 < 1.2  
    Frequency modulation and lock PZT modulation PZT modulation, Pump frequency modulation  
    Control interfaces DLC pro touchscreen, PC software, Ethernet, USB, analog remote control  

    * Course tuning is established by full automatic crystal shifting and temperature control. No optics exchange necessary.
    ** Specifications valid 1.5 - 2 µm, 2.2 - 3.8 µm.
    *** Fine tuning is established via pump tuning (idler) and PZT tuning (signal and idler).
    **** 30 GHz - 300 GHz, depending on output wavelength .

  • Toptica BoosTA pro High-Power Tapered Laser Amplifier

    Toptica BoosTA pro High-Power Tapered Laser Amplifier

    The TopticaBoosTA pro, TOPTICA’s new stand-alone optical amplifier, increases the output power of a DL pro or any other linearly polarized master laser by up to 20 dB (x100). Following TOPTICA’s well-established pro-technology, the TA chip is mounted in a compact unit with optimized heat management and beam-shaping optics. A compact, external power supply (DC HP) drives the amplifier head and allows effortless operation - even of current-hungry TA chips at wavelengths with lower gain. Researchers thus benefit from output power levels up to 3.5 W.

    The BoosTA pro head includes a high-bandwidth current modulation board, which – when used in a closed feedback loop – allows compensating power fluctuations of the master laser by adjusting the amplifier gain. The board also features a protective circuit to avoid the risk of electronic chip damage. The beam management of the seed laser can be greatly simplified by optional fiber input coupling. Other options are optical isolators and fiber output coupling. The BoosTA pro head has sufficient space for a 60 dB isolator to protect the TA chip from back reflections.

  • Toptica TA pro Tapered Amplifier Laser System

    Toptica TA pro Tapered Amplifier Laser System

    The TA pro is the flagship product of TOPTICAs high power tunable diode laser solutions.  Its tapered amplifier technology allows for high power with excellent beam quality, while at the same time maintaining the favorable spectral properties of the pro master laser. The TA pro is a completely revised version of a very well-established laser system, the TA 100. It has been optimized for extreme stability and ease of use, and has proved these properties in numerous tests in TOPTICAs and customers´ laboratories.

    The DLC TA pro is equipped with TOPTICA's all digital DLC pro control electronics: with lowest noise and drift and more convencience, it also offers highest amplifier currents up to 10 A and additional protection for the amplifier chip. Also available with the economic SYS DC 110 laser electronics.

  • Toptica DFB pro Distributed-feedback laser

    Toptica DFB pro Distributed-feedback laser

    Toptica Distributed feedback (DFB) lasers unite wide tunability and high output power. The frequency-selective element – a Bragg grating – is integrated into the active section of the semiconductor and ensures continuous single-frequency operation. Due to the absence of alignment-sensitive components, DFB lasers exhibit an exceptional stability and reliability. The lasers work under the most adverse environmental conditions – even in the Arctic or in airborne experiments.

    Three laser heads, designed specifically for DFB lasers, accommodate different diode packages: the compact DFB pro and its “big brother” DFB pro L integrate 9 mm or TO3-type diodes. The DFB pro BFY offers a dedicated laser head for butterfly-type diodes.

    Owing to their wide continuous tuning range, DFB lasers lend themselves particularly to applications in atomic and molecular physics, gas sensing, phase-shifting interferometry, and continuous-wave terahertz generation.

  • Toptica TA-SHG pro High-power, tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser

    Toptica TA-SHG pro High-power, tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser

    The Toptica TA-SHG pro system comprises a tunable diode laser, a high power semiconductor (TA) and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). Alternatively, it is available with a fiber (FA) or Raman fiber (RFA) amplifier. The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system now includes fully-automated push-button coupling optimization into the TA chip, the SHG cavity and the output fiber, as well as output power stabilization. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry. 

  • Toptica MDL pro: Tunable Rack-mounted Lasers

    TOPTICA Tuesday 20180807 rack mounted

    With the MDL pro, TOPTICA’s established product line of tunable diode lasers are available in a transportable and compact design. The systems combines four tunable diode lasers in one 19-inch module with the same specifications as TOPTICA’s well known DL pro and DFB pro series. The digital low-noise DLC pro controller is at the heart of the newest platform of these tunable diode lasers. The MDL pro combines excellent laser performance with the unique and easy to use standard electronic sub-racks. Such a transportable solution will advance the development of mobile experiments like optical clocks, quantum computers or quantum sensors.

  • Toptica CTL: Continuously Tunable Laser


    The Toptica CTLis the ultimate choice when looking for a laser that is widely tunable without any mode-hopping. It has high power, a narrow linewidth and high absolute and relative wavelength accuracy. Wide scans can be performed with highest resolution. With the fully digital, low noise and drift DLC pro controller, the CTL laser is easy to use and operate via touch-screen and knobs as well as via remote PC GUI and command language.

    The new CTL lasers are ideally suited for applications that require large mode-hop free tuning ranges, such as the resonant excitation of small structures like quantum dots and micro-cavities. Also molecular spectroscopy and components testing will benefit from CTLs exceptional properties.

  • Toptica: DLC pro Software Upgrade

    csm DLC pro dd52f85e4d

    TOPTICA is providing a free upgrade for DLC pro systems through a software update. The upgrade features a power stabilization feature for all types of supported lasers (DL pro, TA pro, SHG pro, CTL). Moreover, it provides access to the FFT (fast Fourier transform) display to DLC pro systems without the Locking Option.

  • Toptica DLC TA-SHG pro - Intelligent features and touch control

    toptica DLC SHG pro

    The digital DLC TA-SHG pro offers unprecedented convenience and best specifications for challenging experiments with frequency-converted tunable diode lasers.  

    New conveniences for working with frequency-converted diode lasers!

    TOPTICA’s latest DLC TA-SHG pro systems offer the lowest noise levels, narrowest linewidths and a simpler way to manage laser operation. Thanks to new, automated functions these systems revolutionize the daily work with frequency-converted lasers.

    Intelligent, automated alignment features integrated directly into the laser head transform the work with lasers: With the push of a button, the AutoAlign option re-optimizes the SHG system output power by maximizing the coupling efficiency of the laser into the TA chip and the SHG resonator via built-in intelligence and servo-controlled flexure mirror mounts. The PowerLock option automatically compensates residual drifts caused by changing environmental conditions, offering unvarying stable laser output with constant power. Fiber-coupled systems using the FiberMon option can monitor the optical power coupled to the SHG output fiber. In combination with the FiberMon option, AutoAlign and PowerLock are also available for fiber-coupled systems.

  • Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels. It provides intuitive touch control and powerful remote operation to run and frequency stabilize the laser. Never before was the use of tunable diode lasers, e.g. for demanding experiments in quantum optics and spectroscopy, so convenient.

  • Toptica DL DFB: Tunable Distributed Feed-back Lasers

    DFB pro 03

    Distributed feedback (DFB) lasers offer wide frequency tuning and high output power in a compact, rugged setup. The frequency selective element – a Bragg grating – is integrated into the active section of the semiconductor and ensures single-frequency operation without any bulk optics. A wide variety of DFB diodes is available from stock; custom wavelengths can be provided even in low quantities.

  • Toptica DL Pro: Tunable diode laser with digital control DLC pro


    Toptica's DL pro is the ultimate tunable diode laser. Its revolutionary mechanical design allows for both easy operation and extreme stability at the same time. It offers highest output powers, and optimized mode-hop-free tuning with a perfectly positioned virtual pivot point for the grating movement (Patents: DE 10 2007 028 499 and US 7970024). Together with the digital control DLC pro controller it shows unrivalled linewidth and drift – with the most comfortable and intuitive user interface. Also available with the economic SYST laser electronics. A software license may be purchased to enable frequency-locking features.

    The DL pro HP diode laser features a special resonator design, which allows for higher single-mode output powers from "visible" laser diodes. Like the DL pro, it is an extended cavity diode laser (ECDL). Both lasers feature various modulation inputs and may be equipped with various options like fiber coupling, beam shaping etc. The lasers may also be driven by the economic Sys DC 110 laser control, however we highly recommend the DLC pro due the superior performance, especially for the DL pro HP lasers.

  • Toptica BoosTA Semiconductor Laser Amplifier

    BoosTA 01

    The Toptoca BoosTA is a compact and economical optical amplifier. Just put light into it, and it amplifies it up to a factor 100. The spectral properties of the master laser are preserved. The BoosTA includes computer controlled integrated electronics, and all optics for accepting a collimated and linearly polarized input beam. Custom optics and good thermal management guarantee best performance.
  • Toptica SHG pro Stand-Alone Second Harmonic Generator Module

    SHG pro 02

    The SHG pro is the device of choice if existing lasers are to be frequency doubled. Designed in TOPTICA’s pro technology, it unites highly stable performance and convenient operation. Mirror and crystal holders can be adjusted without opening the resonator cover. A wide range of non-linear crystals covers SHG wavelengths from 205 to 800 nm.  TOPTICA offers competent support for adapting the unit to customer requirements.

  • Toptica TA / FA SHG pro Frequency Doubled, High Power Tunable Diode Laser

     TA SHG pro 02

    The Toptica TA / FA SHG pro system comprises a tunable, grating-stabilized diode laser, a high power semiconductor (TA) or fiber (FA) amplifier, and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry.

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