The Toptica TA-SHG pro system comprises a tunable diode laser, a high power semiconductor (TA) and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). Alternatively, it is available with a fiber (FA) or Raman fiber (RFA) amplifier. The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system now includes fully-automated push-button coupling optimization into the TA chip, the SHG cavity and the output fiber, as well as output power stabilization. It provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry. 

  • Resonant frequency doubling stage
  • Wavelengths: 330 .. 780 nm, linewidth < 500 kHz
  • AutoAlign and FiberMon options
  • PowerLock output power stabilization
  • Digital control DLC pro with PowerLock


Wavelength range * 330 .. 680 nm (with semiconductor amplifier)
510 .. 780 nm (with fiber amplifier)
Seed laser DL pro, DL 100/pro design, DL DFB
Amplifier Semiconductor amplifier (TA pro), fiber amplifier (FA) or Raman fiber amplifier (RFA)
Doubling stage SHG pro
Coarse tuning 2 .. 20 nm

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