• Toptica: iChrome CLE Efficient and compact Four-color Laser Combiner: Multi Laser Engine for Biophotonics & Microscopy

    Toptica: iChrome CLE Efficient and compact Four-color Laser Combiner: Multi Laser Engine for Biophotonics & Microscopy

    TOPTICA's iChrome CLE is a compact laser engine that combines four laser lines in one box. All integrated colors are provided via one polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber. It is available with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm and more than 20 mW guaranteed output power after the fiber each. The system guarantees a plug & play installation since it includes TOPTICA's proprietary COOLAC automatic alignment technology.

  • Toptica: Multi-Laser Engine for Microscopy

    iChrome CLE

    The Topticamulti-laser engine iChrome CLE for biophotonics provides 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm with 20 mW at the end of the fiber. The cost-effective system is ideal for multi-color microscopy applications due to its compact design and economic operation. Even the 561 nm light is generated by a laser diode instead of a solid-state laser, allowing this system to be directly modulated at high speed (1 MHz) while maintaining complete-off, i.e. zero photons, in the dark state. The iChrome CLE is the latest member of TOPTICA’s iChrome product line which also includes the powerful iChrome MLE (up to 100 mW and four laser lines). All iChrome systems have a unified user interface, unique modulation features and COOLAC, TOPTICA’s proprietary and fully automated beam alignment algorithm guaranteeing consistent power out of the fiber.

  • Compact, convenient, cost-efficient: TOPTICA’s new iChrome CLE


    TOPTICA’s new laser combiner engine iChrome CLE includes four laser sources in one compact box. It provides up to 20 mW of output power at 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm each. All integrated wavelengths are controllable via a unified user interface (analog and digital inputs, as well as RS232 and Ethernet). TOPTICA also provides a ready-to-use, user-friendly control software and a powerful command set for full OEM integration.The multi-laser system features unique modulation capabilities up to 1 MHz analog and digital modulation frequency. TOPTICA’s automated alignment procedure COOLAC guarantees a straightforward plug & play installation and an unsurpassed stability over the system’s lifetime.

  • Versatility makes the difference: Field-upgradeable eight-colour laser engine from Toptica

     toptica iChrome SLE

    TOPTICA presents new iChrome SLE multi-laser engine for multi-color microscopy and other biophotonics applications.

    When it comes to light sources for biophotonics, one has had to choose between stability and flexibility.  Even though home built breadboard solutions with standard laser modules enable flexibility, they are prone to misalignment and pose a challenge when integrated into a system as different lasers, AOTF’s and other components need to be controlled. In contrast, miniaturized fixed systems are stable, but lack many of the advanced features and the flexibility often needed for advanced biophotonics applications.

    The new multi-laser engine iChrome SLE offers both stability and flexibility in one package. TOPTICA’s proprietary unmatched COOLAC self-alignment technology is integrated into this advanced platform - combining up to 8 laser wavelengths, fiber switching technology for SM/PM fibers, AOTF and direct diode modulation plus field serviceable laser cartridges. In addition, TOPTICA’s uniform interface makes integration into applications extremely user-friendly.

  • New: iChrome All-colour flexible ultrafast fibre laser

    TOPTICA releases its newest fiber laser product – the iChromeTM: The historical fact “different laser colors require different lasers” is outdated. iChrome comes with the flexibility to set its wavelength anywhere in the visible range – computer controlled from 488 nm to 640 nm. The highly repetitive laser pulses exhibit 3 nm bandwith and 3.5 ps pulse duration with an average fiber coupled output power of more than 1.5 mW. The iChrome therefore is the natural choice for scientists that need an all-color flexible laser source with unprecedented hands-off functionality. This new laser product is industrial graded and well equipped with a fiber output that makes its connection to the experiment as simple as possible. No beam combiners are necessary to deliver all colors to the same spot – they just come out of the same fiber with single-mode quality (TEM00), diffraction limited divergence (M2 <1.1) and stable linear polarization (PER > 1:100).


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