The Toptica iChrome MLE combines up to 3 different diode lasers and one DPSS laser fully integrated in one compact housing. The individual lasers are efficiently coupled and delivered via an all-in-one PM/SM fiber output. The microprocessor controlled system enables flexible OEM integration. High speed analog and digital modulation allow fast switching of laser wavelength and intensity.

TOPTICA’s ingenious COOLAC technology automatically aligns the system with a single push of a button. This feature ensures a constant optical output level even under strongly varying ambient conditions and completely eliminates the need for manual realignment - making the iChrome MLE the most advanced multi-line laser system on the market.

  • Perfect choice for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry
  • Up to 4 laser lines
  • COOLAC – hands free, self aligning system
  • Direct modulation up to 20 MHz
  • Supported by µ-Manager microscopy software

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  • Flow cytometry
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Live-cell imaging
  • TIRF
  • FRAP
  • High throughput screening 
  • Genome analyzers
  • Optogenetics

Lasers, Light & other EM Sources