Toptica News

TOPTICA Renews its Brand Presence
TOPTICA: Trapped-ion quantum computers in Germany
TOPTICA Webinar: Microscopy in Neuroscience: Femtosecond fiber lasers for 2-photon microscopy and 2-photon optogenetics in Neuroscience
Toptica: New powerful laser passes field test
Toptica delivers first guide star laser system for the ESO's Extremely Large Telescope in Chile
Toptica: Industrial Solution for Thickness gauging with "TeraFlash smart" terahertz system
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Now you can build your own CO2 sensor! And TOPTICA gives you the necessary circuit board for it – for free.
Toptica iBeam Smart: Ultra-reliable OEM diode laser system celebrates 10th anniversary
TOPTICA: Quantum Technology Applications – From research to market
Play the TOPTICA Quantum Quiz and prove your knowledge!
Quantum Technology meets Industry Standards: TOPTICA Photonics introduces Laser Rack Systems
New publication using Toptica CTL Continuously Tunable Laser: Absolute frequency atlas from 915 nm to 985 nm
TOPTICA presents "All Wavelengths" at Photonics West
TOPTICA receives the laser guide star contract for ELT from ESO
Toptica: From Quantum 1.0 to Quantum 2.0
German quantum initiative QUTEGA starts with optical single ion clock
Leibinger Innovation Prize for TOPTICA Guide Star Laser
ESO’s latest facility upgrade features four new TOPTICA guide star lasers on Cerro Paranal
TOPTICA to present latest developments in high-end laser technology at BiOS/Photonics West
Toptica Technical Note: Combination of femtosecond/picosecond fiber lasers and streak camera for ultrastable time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy
Toptica at BiOS/Photonics West 2015: New ultrafast fiber lasers with multiple colors
Delivery of First TOPTICA Guide Star Laser Accepted by ESO
Toptica 2013 BEC Awards
Toptica 2012: Lasers for Scientific Challenges
Toptica sponsor new research awards
Toptica awarded major contract for Sodium Guide Star Facility

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