Toptica Distributed feedback (DFB) lasers unite wide tunability and high output power. The frequency-selective element – a Bragg grating – is integrated into the active section of the semiconductor and ensures continuous single-frequency operation. Due to the absence of alignment-sensitive components, DFB lasers exhibit an exceptional stability and reliability. The lasers work under the most adverse environmental conditions – even in the Arctic or in airborne experiments.

Three laser heads, designed specifically for DFB lasers, accommodate different diode packages: the compact DFB pro and its “big brother” DFB pro L integrate 9 mm or TO3-type diodes. The DFB pro BFY offers a dedicated laser head for butterfly-type diodes.

Owing to their wide continuous tuning range, DFB lasers lend themselves particularly to applications in atomic and molecular physics, gas sensing, phase-shifting interferometry, and continuous-wave terahertz generation.

  • Single-frequency laser with distributed-feedback diode
  • Available wavelengths: 633 nm, 760 nm .. 3500 nm
  • Mode-hop free tuning range: Up to 1400 GHz
  • Reliable operation even in harsh environments
  • 3 laser heads – wide range of options

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