The TA pro is the flagship product of TOPTICAs high power tunable diode laser solutions.  Its tapered amplifier technology allows for high power with excellent beam quality, while at the same time maintaining the favorable spectral properties of the pro master laser. The TA pro is a completely revised version of a very well-established laser system, the TA 100. It has been optimized for extreme stability and ease of use, and has proved these properties in numerous tests in TOPTICAs and customers´ laboratories.

The DLC TA pro is equipped with TOPTICA's all digital DLC pro control electronics: with lowest noise and drift and more convencience, it also offers highest amplifier currents up to 10 A and additional protection for the amplifier chip. Also available with the economic SYS DC 110 laser electronics.

  • MOPA configuration in pro technology
  • Wavelengths between 660 nm and 1495 nm
  • High power, up to 4 W
  • Stability and Ease of Use of pro technology
  • With all-digital DLC pro electronics

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