Thorlabs PMMA Microlens Arrays for Fly's Eye Homogenizer
Thorlabs Fiber Coupling and Spatial Filter Systems
Thorlabs Modular Raman Spectroscopy Kit
Thorlabs Ganymede™ Series Spectral Domain OCT Systems
Thorlabs TLX3 Fiber-Coupled, Rack-Mounted Tunable O-Band Laser Source
Thorlabs Picosecond Microchip Laser
Thorlabs release new Ultrafast Femtosecond Fiber Laser at 1550nm
Thorlabs Femtosecond Pulse Compressor enables sharper images for Multiphoton Microscopy
Thorlabs release new Dual-Axis Galvo Scan Head Systems with ±22.5° Scan Angle
Thorlabs: 6-Wavelength High-Power LED Sources
Thorlabs: New High Speed Optical Modulators
Thorlabs Precision Rotating Linear Polarizer Modules
Thorlabs: Modular Multi-Port Integrating Spheres
Thorlabs: Modular Multi-Port Integrating Spheres
New from Thorlabs: MLQF4000 - Turnkey Fabry-Perot Quantum Cascade Laser, 4.00 µm CWL, 250 mW (Min)
Thorlabs release new Michelson Interferometer Educational Kit
Thorlabs Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Systems
Thorlabs Water-Cooled Breadboards now in larger sizes
Thorlabs Vytran™ Polyimide Fiber Recoater with Linear Proof Tester
Thorlabs Optically Clear Acrylic Breadboard
Thorlabs: new Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer for free-space and fibre-coupled inputs 3.3 - 8.0 µm
New from Thorlabs: 4 Megapixel Scientific-grade cameras for microscopy
Thorlabs Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Systems
Thorlabs MIR Detector Cards
Thorlabs: Modular Optical Tweezers Kit
Thorlabs: Liquid Crystal Noise Eater for 1050 - 1620nm
Thorlabs Electronic Self-Leveling Isolation System
Thorlabs 9-piece Colour-coded hex keys
Thorlabs water-cooled breadboards
Thorlabs new High Sensitivity USB2.0 CMOS Camera
Thorlabs fibre optic storage reel
Thorlabs One-step Fibre Bulkhead and Connector Cleaner
Thorlabs Neuroscience 2010 Digital Tradeshow Booth
Thorlabs Swept Source OCT Systems
Thorlabs release new Adaptive Optics Kit
Thorlabs New Fixed Panel Laser Safety Barrier
Thorlabs Stock
Thorlabs Optical Tables
Thorlabs Optical Tables
Thorlabs Optical Breadboards
Thorlabs Optical Breadboards
Thorlabs Optomechanics
Thorlabs Optomechanics
Thorlabs OCT Imaging
Thorlabs Laser Protective Eyewear
Thorlabs Rigid Optical Table Supports