The Helmut Fischer FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDAL® is the best X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument of the XDL series. Like its ‘little brothers’, this XRF instrument measures from top to bottom, which makes testing even oddly shaped samples easy and convenient. In order to optimize the measuring conditions to your task, the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDAL comes with exchangeable collimators and filters as standard equipment.

The more demanding the measurement task, the more important the type of detector! The FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDAL therefore offers 3 different semiconductor detectors.

The silicon PIN diode is a mid-range detector and well suited for measuring multiple elements over a relatively large measuring area. When equipped with a PIN, the XDAL is often used for inspecting hard material coatings.

The high-quality silicon drift detector (SDD) offers better energy resolution than the silicon PIN diode. Thusly outfitted XDAL spectrometers are used for solving complex measurement tasks in the electronics industry: for example, the XRF measurement of thin alloy layers, or material analysis of very similar elements such as gold and platinum. This is the trusted XRF instrument for quality control with ENIG and ENEPIG applications.

For particularly tough challenges, Fischer also offers an SDD with an extra-large detector surface. The strength of this detector lies in its ability to reliably measure layers down to the range of just a few nanometers, and to do trace analysis in the per mill range. With these XDAL devices, you can test the lead content in solders meant for high-reliability applications to avoid tin whiskers.


  • Universal X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for automated measurements on layers <0.0 5μm and for material analysis in the ppm range according to DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568
  • 3 different detector options (Si-PIN diode; SDD 20 mm²; SDD 50 mm²)
  • 3x changeable primary filters
  • 4x changeable collimators
  • Smallest measuring spot approx. 0.15 mm
  • Sample heights up to 14 cm
  • Programmable XY stage with positioning accuracy of 10 µm
  • Patented by Fischer: the DCM method for simple and fast adjustment of the measuring distance
  • Slotted housing for measuring on large printed circuit boards
  • Certified fully protective device 


  • Material analysis of coatings and alloys (also thin coatings and low concentrations)
  • Electronics industry, ENIG/ENEPIG
  • Connectors and contacts
  • Gold, jewelry and watchmaking industry
  • Measurement of thin (a few nanometers) gold and palladium coatings in PCB manufacturing
  • Analysis of trace elements
  • Determination of lead (Pb) for high-reliability applications (tin-whisker avoidance)
  • Analysis of hard material coatings