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  • piezosystems jena: new acceleration and integrated forces sensors for hpower actuators

    piezosystems jena: new acceleration and integrated forces sensors for hpower actuators

    For applications like vibration excitation or motion control the acceleration induced by the piezo actuator is an indispendable measurement and control variable.

    With the new acceleration sensor for hpower actuators piezosystem jena offers the possibility to directly detect this essential quantity.

    The compact, miniature size acceleration sensor porived an analog output voltage proportional to the acceleration which is then detected by the corresponding signal amplifier from where it can be further processed.

  • piezosystems jena: Introducing hpower – the new force in dynamic applications

    piezosystems jena: Introducing hpower – the new force in dynamic applications

    In almost every industrial application there are parts that have to be moved under extreme conditions. As technology advances, many of these applications require faster, more powerful, high-precision motion. The need for dynamics motion is growing. hpower actuators provide a solution to these challenges by combining unique features such as force generation of up to 50kN and a frequency spectrum of up to 70kHz. hpower actuators can be used in vacuum environments and at temperatures from -60°C to +200°C. At the same time, the solid-state design prevents any mechanical play and allows a compact build size.

  • piezosystem jena SCANIUS-LINE – Moving into a new direction

    piezosystem jena SCANIUS-LINE – Moving into a new direction

    The new SCANIUS-LINE combines long travel with the accuracy and load capacity of a piezo drive in a compact design.

    piezosystem jena presents the new SCANIUS product line of piezobased long travel stages. Starting with the SCANIUStwo XY stage, piezosystem jena will introduce new stages in the following months.

    The new product development is based on the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic motors. The advantage of these motors is the permanent frictional connection between drive and output. This ensures that the moving planes are always positioned securely,  even when the power is switched off.

  • piezosystems jena: Long Travel Range Actuator PX 1500

    piezosystems jena: Long Travel Range Actuator PX 1500

    Piezoelectric actuators and stages are known for their precision in the nanometer and sub-nanometer regime. However, such accuracy comes with some compromise: Strokes are usually in the µm range. For most applications, this is not a problem. Often, µm-strokes are even explicitly required. Here, customers want to harness the high stiffness and resonant frequencies. The higher the stroke translation of the ceramic stacks via a solid state hinge system, the lower the stiffness, the resonant frequency and the resolution. The maximum load capacity decreases as well. For quasi-static applications on the other hand, customers sometimes require a higher stroke than what is usual for piezo systems. Here, the piezosystems jena PX 1500 comes into play.

  • piezosystem jena: Ring Actuators R/RA

    piezosystem jena: Ring Actuators R/RA

    Ring actuators are often used in optical applications such as laser beam steering, fiber alignment or AFM scanning. In order to achieve optimal positioning results, these actuators have to fulfill a number of tough requirements. Especially stiffness and guidance accuracy are important criteria when it comes to operating the actuators in the sub-nm range and with high dynamics. The piezosystem jena ring actuator series R/RA was developed and designed by piezosystem jena to meet the high requirements of these applications.

    The R/RA series ring actuators offers motion of up to 50 µm. Their apertures of up to 14 mm are especially useful for optical applications because they allow for light to travel through. Stiffness is up to 330 N/µm which enables the user to operate the actuators with extremely high dynamics. This is an especially beneficial characteristic for a ring actuator, since they are often used in laser resonators.

  • Positioning for Microscope Objectives - piezosystem jena's MIPOS R 120

    Positioning for Microscope Objectives - piezosystem jena's MIPOS R 120

    Image: The MIPOS R120 positions the whole lens revolver.

    For Microscopy applications using multiple lenses in fast alternation, piezosystem jena developed a very special MIPOS model: The MIPOS R120. This piezo stage positions the whole lens revolver. Users can easily switch between objectives without losing focus on the part of the probe that is examined. This significantly increases inspection and analysis times and spares the user the time-consuming positioning of individual lenses.

  • piezosystem jena: The Piezo Gripper

    piezosystem jena: The Piezo Gripper

     The positioning or movement of fragile materials, small parts or micro systems needs actuators that are capable of precise and repeatable gripping motions without causing damage. The Piezo Gripper by piezosystem jena is an ideal system for such purposes. It can be used for manipulating micro optics (pick and place), sorting and assembling of fiber optics, precision manufacturing or handling of biological probes, among many others. 

    The Piezo Gripper has a compact casing design and is able to do a grip motion of up to 300 µm. The used force of the gripper differs.  Gap width is adjustable as well making this gripper extremely flexible in use. Additionally, piezosystem jena is offering customers the possibility to completely customize the Piezo Gripper according to their specific needs and requirements.

  • piezosystem jena: MIPOS 600 SG OEM: New Objective Positioner with up to 600 µm travel range

    piezosystem jena: MIPOS 600 SG OEM: New Objective Positioner with up to 600 µm travel range

    The MIPOS family of microscope objective positioners from piezosystem jena welcomes its newest member: the MIPOS 600 SG OEM. It can handle objectives with up to 40 mm in diameter and is ideally suited for applications like surface scanning, scan interferometry or even beam focusing in printing processes. 

  • piezosystem jena GmbH presents new CAN-Bus interface for digital piezo controllers/amplifiers

    30DV50 klein 03 fd76c59083

    The 30DV50 is one of the digital amplifiers that can be outfitted with the CAN-Bus interface  

    piezosystem jena GmbH, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of piezo actuators, stages and controllers for nanopositioning, is introducing a new CAN-Bus interface for its digital piezo controllers. The CAN-Bus allows for much faster reaction times of piezo actuators – below one Millisecond.

    “Industry customers are constantly asking for faster and faster reaction times, especially when using piezo actuators in highly automated production processes”, says Dr. Bernt Götz, CEO of piezosystem jena, “With the CAN-Bus interface, we can now offer a solution that drastically increases the reaction times of our actuators.”

  • piezosystem jena: Spotlight on the ScanXY 40

    PXY 40 nanos 72dpi 250x150mm 0fe9d3209d

    The ScanXY 40 by piezosystem jena is a 2D positioner known for its extremely low reaction times.  Thanks to a construction design based on the nanoX concept – two stacks per axis moving in opposite directions – the ScanXY 40 has not only a high stiffness but is also very dynamic. Typical tasks for this piezosystem are, for example, the positioning of light-weight optical components such as laser diodes or mirror prisms and process automating of handlingsystems, to name just a few.  

  • piezosystem jena extends objective positioner series MIPOS with two new industry products


    MIPOS 140 OEM Microscope Positioner

    Typically objective positioners are firmly mounted directly onto a microscope. Piezosystem jena has now introduced two new systems which can be screwed on a machine or rail.

  • piezosystem jena: Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive

    piezosystem jena: Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive

    Hybrid element that combines the advantages of long travel of micrometer screws, with the nm-accuracy of a piezo stage

    These model MICI Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive elements from piezosystem jena were originally developed for quality control applications in the optics industry. They consist of a piezoelectric actuator in combination with a micrometer screw drive. The user can first adjust the coarse position of the actuator with a micrometer screw, and then fine tune it with the piezo stage itself. This improves the accuracy and reproducibility of the linear stage significantly.

    Long travels up to tens of mm, depending on the used micrometer screw and sub-nm resolution can be reached while simultaneously moving high loads up to 20 kg with the MICI 80. This is due to its very robust construction.

    So these piezo stages are perfectly suited for high precision adjustment of linear positioners. Based on its sophisticated solid state flexure hinge technology the MICI seriesoffers motion without mechanical play. Also these stages can be driven at high frequencies.

    The MICI fits in applications like improvement of resolution of linear stages, quality control, automation, fine adjustment of optical components and micro-assembly. You have a choice of 4 models compatible with the micrometer drives of Mitutoyo, Newport or Qioptic.

  • piezosystem jena: Positioning in the millimeter range

    piezosystem jena: Positioning in the millimeter range

    piezosystem jena introduces a new product line for motion control - linear & rotation drives, goniometer & controllers

    piezosystem jena GmbH has now released stages with a large travel range of up to several millimeters to offer a more complete line of customized solutions. These stages can be used as single units or in combination with piezoelectric stages for a variety of applications. This new product line includes goniometers,rotation and linear drives; each is accompanied by the appropiate controller and software.

    Depending on the requirements, the user can choose between different rotation stages. These elements can be used for the continuous rotating of an element or as a step positioner. The rotation drives are suitable for probe manipulation, probe positioning, research & development or industrial tasks. The linear stages provide a travel range of up to 50 mm.

  • Piezoelectrical shaker for vibration excitation with frequencies up to 100 kHz from piezosystem jena

    Piezoelectrical shaker for vibration excitation with frequencies up to 100 kHz from piezosystem jena

    The use of piezo shakers for vibration excitation has many advantages over conventional methods. Piezo shakers have a higher force potential as a result of their stiffness and their ability to operate at exceedingly higher frequencies. Due to their high power density they can be produced in compact sizes. These small elements can be used for modal analysis of mechanical structures. Massive piezo shakers with a seismic mass can modulate forces up to double-digit Kilonewtons.

    Piezo shakers from piezosystems Jena are used in the following applications:    

  • Piezosystem Jena: PZ 300 AP z-axis elevator stage for standard and inverted microscopes

    Piezosystem Jena: PZ 300 AP z-axis elevator stage for standard and inverted microscopes

    The accuracy and speed of probe positioning is a critical and important value for microscopy techniques such as laser scanning microscopy, or other techniques including fluorescent, super resolution, or image processing. In order to provide the user with a tool able to improve these techniques, piezosystem jena provides the new PZ 300 piezoelectric actuator based z-axis elevator stage for microscopes.

  • piezosystem jena: PX500 piezo based flexure stage

    piezosystem jena: PX500 piezo based flexure stage

    piezosystems jena

    piezosystem jena, provider of piezo electrical stages for micro- and nanopositioning, designed the PX 500 piezo positioning stage as an ideal solution for positioning applications that require fast, accurate opening and closing.

    With dimensions of 48x20x8 (lxwxh) mm³ the PX 500 is capable of generating a travel range of more than 500 µm. The integrated pre-load is applied by the use of a special steel spring. Therefore, this system is suitable for dynamic applications with a very short response time. The unloaded resonant frequency is 418Hz.

  • Piezosystems Jena: Collimators for X-Ray techniques

    piezosystem Jena: collimators for Xray technique

    piezosystem jena have announced a new piezo based collimator system for X-Ray techniques.

    Current techniques in X-Ray microscopy, crystallography and small angle x-ray scattering require extremely well-collimated beams. In order to achieve the best signal to noise ratio in an x-ray system, the aperture size should be as closely matched as possible to the sample size. Most X-ray systems use a pinhole aperture that has been drilled or laser ablated from a tungsten or tantalum disk of material. In practice this means that for every new sample size, the pinhole should be removed and a new size inserted.

    A solution was developed in cooperation with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.Based on two piezo driven slit sy stems of the series PZS 4 (part number: O-101-xx), a collimator for X-Ray techniques was made. The PZS stages are mounted of 90° in respect to each other. Because of the high resolution piezo element, the slit edges can be adjusted precisely to the required size. With a resolution of <8 nm the system is the most accurate variable aperture system commercially available. The open architecture of the PZS slit system design allows for easy integration into a variety of X-Ray systems. A V-clamp holder allows the customer to add his own or our accessories. The entire system can be made vacuum compatible.

  • piezosystem jena

    piezosystem jena

    piezosystem jena is a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of piezo, piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning and nano-automation. In addition to the positioning stages the company also offers optical fiber switches as well as the fitting electronics.

    The vast experience in developing and manufacturing of nanopositioning systems, which can be also be called piezo motor, enables to provide special systems and also OEM manufacturing.

    The piezo actuators and positioning stages are characterized by an unique precision in the range of nanometer, generate forces of serveral thousand Newton and realize precise positionings in micro seconds.