Two Axis - Stages For Two-planes of Movement - Ideally Suited for Precise nm Positioning in 2D Stages that Move in Two Axes

piezosystem jena Two axis stages offer the ability to precisely position samples or other objects in both X and Y directions. Special versions are available for use in vacuum or cryogenic conditions, as well as designs with center apertures to allow the passage of light through the stage for photonic applications.

These stages are often used for applications in microscopy, material research, nano-positioning and semiconductor test equipment where precise nanometer movement in two axes is crucial.

There are stages with apertures for lasers and viewing, and stages that optionally include closed loop positioning sensors.

Some stages optionally include a pre-load for dynamic movement. These piezo stages do not generate magnetic fields.


The PXY 2-axis stages offer an aperture opening up to 40 mm, and operate without mechanical play.

The nanoSXY 2-axis stages have been developed for fast and precise positioning of optical and mechanical components. They have a very high Z-axis stiffness.

Stages Characteristics:

  • High resolution two-axis motion
  • Travel range up to 400 µm
  • High resonant frequency
  • Sub nm resolution available
  • Optional integrated positioning sensors
  • Vacuum compatible version available
  • No magnetic field generation
PXY200 D12 PXY80 D12 PXY40 D12 nano SXY 400
nanoSXY 120 PXY 200 PXY 102 PXY 100
PXY 38 PXY 16    

Download datasheets:

nanoSXY-120-Datasheet.pdf (684 KB)

nanoSXY-400-Datasheet.pdf (736 KB)

PXY-200-Datasheet.pdf (432 KB)