One Axis - Stages For Single-plane Movement - Ideally Suited for Precise nm Positioning

Stages that Move in a Single X or Z Axis

piezosystem jena One axis stages offer the ability to precisely position samples or other objects in one direction. Special versions are available for use in vacuum or cryogenic conditions, as well as designs for easy integration into larger OEM assemblies.

For the semiconductor, microbiology, photonics and many other industries, precise nm movement in a single axis is crucial. piezosystem jena has several series of 1-axis stages with motion up to 1500 µm, high stiffness, and sub nm resolution.

There are stages with apertures for lasers and viewing, and stages that are very small and optionally include closed loop positioning sensors for precise control.

The MIPOS objective positioners also are 1-axis solutions.

These piezo stages do not generate magnetic fields. Some stages optionally include a pre-load for dynamic movement.


PZ series stages are especially designed for high resolution and high precision movement in the Z-axis.

nanoSX stages offer parallel guiding and msec rise time.

The ScaniusOne stage is designed for object scanning over a large area.

PU and PX series actuators have an integrated preload are ideally suited for nm-precise positioning of optic components such as mirrors and laser diodes.

Stages Characteristics:

  • Single axis motion vertically or horizontally
  • Travel range up to 1500 µm
  • Integrated preload varieties
  • High resonant frequency
  • Sub nm resolution available
  • Optional integrated positioning sensors
  • Vacuum compatible version available
  • No magnetic field generation
PZ-250-CAP-WL ScaniusOne PZ-700 PZ-400-OEM
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PZ-400 PZ-200  PZ-38 nanoSX-800
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nanoX-400 nanoX-200 PU-100 PU-40
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
PX-1500 PX-500 PX-400 PX-200
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
PSX-100 PX-38 MIPOS-16 MIPOS600-SG
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
MIPOS500 SG nanoMIPOS 400 MIPOS 250 MIPOS 100
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MIPOS 20