Stacks - Multi-layer Piezo Actuators - Stack Actuators - With or without pre-Loading, and with or without casing

piezosystem jena Stack actuators offer small precise fast repeatable motion in one axis. They have extremely long lifetimes, and some models can move very large masses for shake or shock material testing applications.

A stack type actuator (piezo actuator) is built using multiple layers of ceramics. A special epoxy sealing guarantees a flexible, lifetime of protection. This technique has been proven in the field by many years of extensive experience.

Depending on the size of the ceramic stacks, these actuators can move masses in the kNs. The resolution is only limited by the signal noise of the amplifier.

High power, high force hpower actuators are available and especially useful for material testing as shakers and for shock generation.

The ability to generate a large force and be subjected to high mass loads with high resolutions makes stack actuators particularly useful for machine tools and dynamic scanning systems.


Multi-layer actuators are successfully used in applications in the fields of nano-positioning, metrology, rapid valve actuation, mirror moving and tilting, fiber stretching, generating oscillations, and vibration damping.

As an option, these piezo stack actuators are all available with a strain gauge feedback sensor. And there is also a vacuum or cryogenic version also.

Stack Characteristics:

  • Wide variety of stack actuators available for different use-cases
  • Motion ranges vary from 2 µm up to 260 µm
  • Mechanical preloads are available
  • Force generation up to 50,000 N
  • Stainless steel housing is available
  • Threading and hermetically sealed options are available
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