New Scale Technologies are pleased to share this video by Charlie Peppler, founder of Capnetix, showing the M3-LS Smart stage in action.

Capnetix developed this robotic work cell to automate testing of printed circuit boards. The work cell automatically loads boards, uses a camera to locate fiducials, and combines that info with CAD data to determine where to place test probes.

It requires extremely precise positioning of probes prior to touching test pads. The M3-LS Smart Stage adjusts spacing between test probes with a position resolution of 500 nm. This is seen at 1:53 in the video.

This data-driven probe control enables the testing station to adapt to a variety of different circuit boards without retooling, adding versatility to the system and supporting lower cost of ownership.

After adjusting the probes, the robotic system places the probes at the test locations, and records all test data.

"As a systems integrator, it is always a pleasure to select a smart component, and it just works," Peppler said of the M3 Smart Stage. "The positioning was accurate and consistent, and the communication protocol clearly documented."

This is just one example of how embedded motion simplifies system development, and helps our customers make great products, faster.

From the video: M3-LS Smart Stage shown at two different settings for spacing between probes.