As with all New Scale Technologies M3 Smart Modules, this rotary micro stage has a piezoelectric micro motor and all drive electronics completely integrated in the tiny stage housing. There is no external control board, making it fast and easy to integrate into OEM instruments.

This piezoelectric microstage provides point-to-point angular positioning with closed-loop resolution better than 0.022 degrees, bandwidth of 100Hz, and 360 degree continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees per second.

Watch video below on the M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 Rotary Microstage Developer's Kit:

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This is the Developer's Kit for New Scale’s newest rotary smart stage, the M3-RS-U2-4.5-360. This rotary micro-stage brings M3 Smart Stage advantages to instruments needing precision embedded motion at lower cost, for high volume production.

The control electronics are integrated within the microstage, so there’s no external control board. This gives you the smallest system size and fastest integration, simplifying the task of embedding high precision rotary motion into scientific and industrial instruments.

This all-in-one smart module accepts direct input of simple, high-level motion commands from your system processor over a standard serial interface.

The developer’s kit includes an M3-RS-U2-4.5-360 rotary stage and tools for evaluation and development. A break-out board gives you direct access to the SPI, I2C and UART digital control interfaces, the analog servo input, the position output and the DC power in. You can use it with the USB adapter to connect to a PC, and use New Scale Pathway software for fast and easy evaluation.
**Remember, the board and adapter are for evaluation and development only – you will NOT need them in your final system.**

To use the developers kit, First install the New Scale Pathway software, then connect the microstage to the breakout board, and connect the breakout board to your PC using the USB adapter.

The New Scale Pathway™ software lets you easily evaluate the micro stages and validate your embedded software. The interface allows you to control the system interactively, or create, save and run scripts, for precise rotary positioning.

Each M3-RS-U microstage incorporates piezoelectric motors and magnetic position sensors to move optics or other components. It provides point-to-point angular positioning with closed-loop resolution better than 0.022 degrees, closed loop bandwidth of 100Hz, 360 degree continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees per second.

With the system’s small size, including controller, the M3-RS-U smart module is ideal for precise rotary positioning in a limited space.

The 3.3 VDC input – with no internal high voltage - makes it suited for integration into handheld and portable instruments.

The embedded controller means you don’t have to worry about integrating high-voltage drivers, motion control hardware, or algorithms. It’s all inside.



New Scale Technologies’ Digi-Key Supplier Center is a convenient new purchase option for customers worldwide to purchase M3 Micro-Motion Module Developer’s Kits from stock.

The New Scale Technologies’ new Digi-Key Supplier Center, a convenient new option to purchase developer’s kits for New Scale’s M3 Smart Modules, is now live at

Most of New Scale’s developer’s kits are available now from stock at the new Supplier Center.

“This convenient new purchase option makes it even easier for product designers to get started evaluating embedded motion modules for their next product design,” said Stefan Friedrich, Marketing Manager at New Scale Technologies. “We’re excited that customers worldwide can now purchase our developer’s kits on the popular, trusted Digi-Key platform.”

Developer’s kits on Digi-Key include the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage, the M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage, the M3-F and M3-FS Smart Focus Module, and the M3-L Smart Linear Actuator dev kit. The Supplier Center also includes links to educational resources, documentation, and videos for M3 Smart Modules, “all-in-one” motion systems with embedded controllers that enable smallest size and fastest integration into OEM instruments.