Rotary micropositioning stage is only 12 mm diameter including embedded controller

This New Scale Technologies M3-RS-U-360 piezoelectric microstage offers 360 degrees continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees/second with an accuracy of 0.25 degrees.

As with all M3 modules, the piezoelectric micro motor and all drive electronics are completely integrated in the tiny stage housing. There is no external control board, making it fast and easy to integrate into OEM instruments.

Download datasheet with specifications here.

M3 RS stage callouts dwg


  • Smallest size: < 12 mm diameter including controller
  • Closed-loop controller embedded in micro stage
    – no separate controller needed
  • 3.3 VDC input
  • Direct input of motion commands (I2C, SPI, UART or analog servo)
  • Angular resolution 0.025 deg (440 µrad) closed loop
    – built-in absolute position sensor
  • Angular resolution 0.0057 deg (100 µrad) open loop
    with external position sensor provided by user
  • Absolute encoding and position feedback
  • Holds position with zero power and no jitter
  • Fast integration for embedded motion in smaller instruments


New Scale Pathway

All Developer’s Kits include New Scale Pathway™ software, a powerful development tool that lets you easily evaluate the micro stages and validate your embedded software.

Developer’s Kits for Beam Steering and Mirror Positioning

M3-RS-U Rotary Smart Stages are ideal for beam steering and mirror positioning applications requiring precise, point-to-point positioning or dynamic scanning up to 100 Hz. These beam steering developer’s kits include mounted aluminum-coated mirrors with limit stops, for motion of  +/- 20 degrees at up to 1100 degrees per second with accuracy of 0.25 degrees