The next generation of wavelength meters from HighFinesse: the new Next Generation WS8-2 is twice as fast, and offers higher resolution and a new design.

Due to cutting-edge advances in software and hardware development the wavemeters offers unparalleled accuracy and precision when measuring wavelengths at a speed of up to 1000 Hz with a measurement resolution down to 100 kHz.

External Calibration

Standard HighFinesse wavelength meters up to an absolute accuracy of 60 MHz feature autocalibration via an integrated calibration source. This guarantees the accuracy and stability of measurements with our wavelength meters. For the higher accuracies we offer a variety of frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth, laser sources with up to ± 10 kHz frequency stability for different applications.

Additional Options

TTL: External Trigger PID: Laser Control L: Linewidth estimation

Please note, if the option MC is ordered together with the TTL option, the TTL mode can only be used if the switch is set fixed to one input channel.


HighFinesse offers the WS8-2 wavemeter as compact device, standalone device, in a 19-Inch rack-mount case or customized to your needs.

Download specification sheet here.


Lasers, Light & other EM Sources