Harmonic2: Frequency-Converted Lasers for Frequency doubling and frequency quadrupling.

Nonlinear frequency conversion techniques access wavelengths that cannot be generated directly from laser diode technology. Via second or fourth harmonic generation, TOPTICA frequency converted laser systems can access the UV, blue, green, yellow and orange spectral ranges at high powers. TOPTICA offers tunable, single-frequency systems at any wavelength between 205 nm and 4000 nm, employing ultrastable seed lasers, power amplification in semiconductor or fiber amplifiers, and a proprietary bow-tie cavity design – all in established pro technology.

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Integrated: Easy to use fully integrated systems
Stable: Superior passive stability
Convenient: Control everything from a single window from anywhere in the world
Compatible: Seamless integration into 19” T-RACK

TA-SHG pro
High power, tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser
- 330-780nm
- Up to 20W
- 2..20nm typical tuning range
- Harmonic2

TA-FHG pro
High power, tunable, frequency-quadrupled diode laser
- 205-390nm
- Up to 3W
- 1..10nm typical tuning range
- Harmonic2

Widely Tunable High-Power Continuous-Wave OPO
- 1.45 - 4.0 micron (2500 - 6900cm-1)
- Up to 8W
- 300GHz (10cm-1)
- mode-hop-free tuning range
- Stretch


SHG pro
Frequency-doubling unit
- 330 -780nm
- Up to 2000mW
- 2..20nm typical tuning range

DL-SHG pro
Tunable, frequency-doubled diode laser
- 210-680nm
- Up to 50mW
- 2..15nm typical tuning range



This tunable single-frequency laser system provides high output power and unique convenience due to its digital control. Intelligent, automated alignment features integrated directly into the laser head transform the work with lasers: With the push of a button, the AutoAlign option optimizes the SHG output power by maximizing the coupling efficiency of the laser using servo-controlled flexure mirror mounts. The PowerLock option automatically compensates residual drifts caused by changing environmental conditions, offering unvarying stable laser output with constant power.


  • Automatic Alignment
  • Fibre coupled output
  • SUV - Unprecedented deep UV power and lifetime
  • Fiber Amplifier for high powers
  • Options and modules for stabilizing the laser frequency and linewidth narrowing
  • Rack integrated version available for TA-SHG pro systems
  • Standalone and lower power versions available

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