Before the development of the Access Lasers L3 family of lasers, it was considered technologically impossible to make a very small footprint sealed RF CO2 laser with both low power and high performance. The L3 delivers both, at only 7.5 inches (190mm) X 2 inches (50mm) by 2.5 inches (63mm), it still delivers virtually perfect beam quality of M2=1.1.

The power stability of the standard L3 is +/- 20% but if the application requires more precision, the L3S reduces power fluctuations to +/- 2% making the L3S a precision reference source in a small package.

As a further option, by special order, the L3 and L3S can be ordered in a Class IIIb configuration, where safety requirements do not allow a Class 4 laser.

Access Laser specializes in making custom lasers to fit our customers’ exact needs, numerous other options are available including:

  • Water Cooling
  • Closed Loop Cooling options
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Optimization for 9.3µm or 10.2µm
  • Isotope gas fills

Size and Performance

  • Industry smallest CO2 laser source
  • Reference standard performance at under 1 watt

The CO2 laser to choose where low power and size are critical

  • 400mW CW power
  • Virtually ideal beam quailty
  • Fan and Water cooled options

Lasers & other Sources