Light Conversion's femtosecond laser portfolio has just been expanded with two CARBIDE models featuring output powers of 120 W (IR, 1030 nm) and 50 W (UV, 343 nm), enabling higher manufacturing throughput and new scientific applications.

The newly introduced CARBIDE models boast leading output power, maintaining the exceptional beam quality and stability of the other models. The high-power IR module offers tunable pulse durations from 250 fs to 10 ps, repetition rates from single-shot to 2 MHz, pulse energy reaching up to 1 mJ, and an average power of up to 120 W. Additionally, the 50 W UV model, with a compact footprint of 84 x 35 cm, stands as the most compact high-power UV femtosecond laser available in the market.

Download the new 2024 Light Conversion femtosecond lasers catalogues by clicking the covers below.


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