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  • Thorlabs Polarization Camera with 5.0 MP Monochrome CMOS Sensor

    Thorlabs Polarization Camera with 5.0 MP Monochrome CMOS Sensor

    Thorlabs' Polarization-Sensitive Kiralux® Camera features a 5.0 MP monochrome CMOS sensor with a polarizer array. The wire grid polarizer array is comprised of a repeating pattern of polarizers (0°, 45°, -45°, and 90° transmission axes) and is present on the sensor chip between the microlens array and the photodiodes. The integrated polarizer array and software image processing enable the creation of images that illustrate degree of linear polarization (DoLP), azimuth, and intensity at the pixel level. These features enable many advanced techniques using polarization, for example: stress-induced birefringence detection, surface reflection reduction, materials inspection. The housing features engraved references for the polarization azimuth for ease of alignment.

  • Thorlabs Microscopy Cameras

    Thorlabs Microscopy Cameras

    Thorlabs' Microscopy Cameras are available in CMOS and sCMOS sensor types, allowing the user to balance important characteristics such as read noise, pixel size, and max frame rate when choosing a camera. Our microscopy cameras are specifically designed for demanding applications including fluorescence microscopy, materials inspection, and brightfield microscopy. Please refer to the Microscopy Camera Selection Guide below to find a camera best suited for your application.

    Our microscopy camera lineup includes the Zelux, Kiralux®, and Quantalux® families. The Zelux CMOS cameras have small footprints for general-purpose imaging applications. Kiralux cameras have CMOS sensors with high quantum efficiency and are offered in monochrome, color, NIR-enhanced, and polarization-sensitive versions. Our polarization-sensitive CMOS camera is ideal for materials inspection, flaw detection, and other advanced techniques using polarization. The Quantalux monochrome sCMOS cameras are fast frame rate imagers that combine high dynamic range with extremely low read noise for low-light applications. They are available in either a passively cooled compact housing or a hermetically sealed TE-cooled housing.

    Our microscopy cameras include an intuitive software package, an API and an SDK for developers, and third-party software support provide options for custom system control and image acquisition.

    Thorlabs Scientific Camera Selection Guide