RWD Life Science M1416R High-Speed Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge provides intelligent centrifugation, adapting various applications from micro to medium throughput with a speed up to 18,000 rpm (30,000×g). Offer a broad selection of rotors and adaptors (swing-bucket rotors and fixed-angle rotors) to meet different customers’ needs.


M1416R centrifuge is a refrigerated model with the speed up to 18,000 rpm (30,000×g), adapting various applications from micro to medium throughput. The capacity of M1416R ranges from 24 x 2mL to 4 x 400mL, and the plate rotor also accommodates PCR and deep-well plates. In addition, equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, M1416R provides visual operation and a personalized account management system ensuring efficient and quality control.


Abundant accessories

  • Self-locking rotors enable non-tools required installation and removal and exchange in 3 seconds
  • Multi-purpose device equips with various rotors and adaptors

Ergonomic operation

  • Scheduling reservations provide the pre-cooling function for organized experiments

Various guarantees

  • Static rotor identification function for maximum operational safety

Multipurpose function

  • More than 100 pre-program setting storage with customized steps achieve continuous centrifuge