The RWD S712 rotary microtome offers a combination of manual sectioning and semi-automated setup, meeting operators’ different habits.

Its separate control panel allows for sample advance and retreat, trimming and sectioning conversion, thickness adjustment, position memory and half-knife function.

Moreover, the historical record system shows operation and alarm logs on a 5-inch touch screen to query the microtome usage and facilitate information tracking. 


Precise sampling system: Precise cross roller bearings and screw rod, combined with a five-phase high-resolution stepper motor and a Link block made of aviation aluminum, form a high-precision sampling system to ensure section quality. Stable gantry structure design, high hardness alloy transfer, improve the rigidity of the host, and the hard tissue section is still accurate. Precise knife holder: The position change is extremely small after changing the knife edge by moving sideways. Scales on the knife holder to determine the best position of the blade holder.


Dual Handwheel lock on top of the handwheel, safe to replace the sample. Any position lock to brake the handwheel in any position. The handwheel can be stopped at any position, making it more secure to use. The knife guard covers the full length of the blade to avoid potential injury during operation.


Unique visual pointer, visible angle adjustment. Sample positioning is faster and more precise. Adjust multiple devices to the same angle easily and quickly. The small handwheel injection method is used with the side knob to adjust the slice thickness, which is ergonomically designed and the operation is more comfortable. The single-turn sampling distance of the small handwheel can be adjusted to meet individual needs. The torque at any position is lower than 2.5 kgf·cm, the operation is easy, and it is easy to use all day.

Easy to clean

With magnetic function, easy to disassemble and install. Large capacity, special coating waste tray, easy to clean up, shorten the cleaning time to a few seconds.

Information backtracking

With historical record system, operation and alarm logs are show on 5-inch touch screen, to query the microtome usage and facilitate information tracking.