As photocurrent measurement and mapping emerge as one of the most popular research techniques that complement Raman spectroscopy for material analysis applications, Nanobase have introduced a stand-alone type SPCM (scanning photocurrent microscope) dubbed "Phocuscan."

Phocuscan is compact, high-performance, and low-cost, three core features of which all Nanobase products have in common. Phocuscan offers the same strong scanning (mapping) capabilities with the wide scanning area of 200 x 200 µm when using 40X objective as our Raman microscope products and features 1 µm resolution multi-axis micro-positioners directly developed by Nanobase.

Phocuscan is compatible with Keithley 2400 or 2600 sourcemeters and lasers at wavelength 400 ~ 730 nm and 780 ~ 1,000 nm. Customers may opt to integrate their own Keithley sourcemeter or fiber coupled lasers to Phocuscan.


  • Sleek instrument design
  • High-performance micro-positioners
  • Reliable measuring software tailored to your Keithley SMUs
  • A wide range of accessories to optimize your photocurrent research
  • Simple workflow with easy software

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