Zolix Flex One, the latest in microspectrometers is a fully integrated, versatile and cost effective microspectrometer that combines a microscope head directly coupled to a high-performance, triple gratings, imaging spectrometer.

Photoluminescence (PL) is the light emission from a material under the excitation by ultraviolet, visible or near infrared radiation. In semiconductor luminescent property measurements, the sample (e.g. GaN, ZnO, GaAs etc.) was usually excited by a laser (with a wavelength of 325 nm, 532 nm, 785 nm etc.), and its PL spectrum is measured to analyze the optical physical properties, such as the band gap width etc.. Photoluminescence is a high sensitivity, non-destructive analysis method, which can provide the information about the structure, composition and surrounding atomic arrangement of materials. Therefore, it is widely used in physics, materials science, chemistry and molecular biology and other related fields. 
Performance Characteristics

  • The integration of optical layout -- all optical elements adjustments is only needed in the  initial installation, to ensure the efficiency and easy using
  • Double light path design – easy to switch the horizontal and vertical optical path, for application on all kinds of sample morphology
  • Ultra-wide spectra range – 300-2200nm
  • Video monitoring light path -- for accurate sampling point adjustment
  • Unique correction function of Emission spectra -- to make the spectral measurements more accurate and comparable
  • Multiple excitation wavelength(option)-- 325nm, 405nm, 442nm, 473nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm etc.
  • Automatic mapping function(option)-- 50mm × 50mm measurement range, or customized special specifications
  • Electroluminescent (EL) feature(option)-- extended options
  • Microscopic Raman spectroscopy measurement(option)-- extended options
  • Ultra low temperature measuring accessories(option)-- providing measurements at ultra low temperature under 10K

*   optional items; please consult us for more details
* * configuration shall be determined according to the actual needs.

System composition
1.        Excitation source part: lasers of various wavelengths from UV to near-infrared bands
2.        Microscopic optical path part: specific microscopic optical path of optimization design
3.        Spectra acquisition part: imaging calibrated spectral and high sensitive scientific grade CCD or single point detector and data acquisition device
4.        Sample holder: XYZ three-dimensional adjustable sample holder (manual or automatic), ultra low temperature sample table


The main type

Flex One

The spectral range


Spectral resolution


Excitation wavelength options

325nm, 405nm, 442nm, 473nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm etc.



cooled CCD

cooled InGaAs

cooled InGaAs





The spatial resolution


Note *: All above are the basic specifications, detailed specifications varies from different configuration options, please consult us for details

Function: Photoluminescence Spectrum Measurement
Samples: GaN、ZnO、GaAs、Rare Earth and so on
The Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Spectrum Measurement of InGaN/GaN
 (Conditions: Excitation 325nm Laser with 30mW Power , Spectral Range:340-700nm)

PL Spectrum Measurement
The red curve stands for Anode and the green curve stands for Cathode ;
The photoluminescence peak of GaN/InGaN are 365nm and 475nm

EL Spectrum Measurement
Make sample's electrodes connect Plus-n-Minus of DC power ; Below(red curve) is EL curve ;There will be clear blue light emission when the voltage is 2.5V) and the peak is around 475nm