Lastek offers a complete range of laser protective eyewear from supplies including NoIRYamamoto, Thorlabs, Glendale/Sperian, Offenhaeuser + Berger and others. 

We offer eyewear that conforms to AS/NZS 1337.4 and AS/NZS 1337.5 (equivalent to European standards EN207 and EN208) or if no filter is available that meets the your specific requirements according to EN 207/EN207 Lastek will recommend a filter/glasses that is correct according to the OD requirements of EN60825 and is as close as possible to the requirements of EN 207/EN208. In cases like these it means that the laser safety glasses we quote will always have the correct Optical Density but the stability time of 10 seconds/100 pulses cannot be guaranteed and where available we will give reference to an approximate stability time of the filters when exposed to a laser with the parameters you provide us with.

Where we cannot provide you with glasses that meet the requirements of EN207 for the raw beam it is recommended that you discuss the situation with your laser safety officer and arrange for other protection measures to be put in place to limit exposure to the beam. It is also often recommended that the laser safety officer contacts whomever is responsible for your liability insurance.

If you would like help selecting appropriate eye protection please contact our sales staff and give them the following laser paramters so they can advise you what ratings you require;*

  • Operating Wavelength
  • CW or Pulse or Ultrafast
  • Pulse length if appropriate for your laser type
  • Repetition rate if appropriate for your laser type
  • Beam diameter
  • Beam dimensions if not circular 
  • Divergence of each axis
  • Pulse energy
  • Power

 * Always check the calculations with your Laser Safety Officer (LSO) before purchasing laser eye protection.