Nanobase offers four main types of Raman spectroscopy instruments:

XperRF: The high end confocal Raman spectroscopy imaging system with a FLIM feature

XperRAM S Series: Standard model of confocal Raman spectroscopy imaging system

XperRAM C Series: Economical Raman system that offers one laser/filter option

XperRAM M Series: Macro Raman system featuring  high performing spectrometer

Highlights of these systems include:
  • High sensitivity
  • Modular design
  • Multi-function: Confocal/3D Raman imaging, fast 2D scanning, Photoluminescence (PL), Electroluminescence (EL), Fluorescence lifetime imaging ( FLIM), etc.
  • System Expandability and Customization
  • Cost effectiveness

Download 2020 Nanobase Raman Instrument Brochure here.

With over 80% market share in South Korea for Raman spectroscopy instruments, Nanobase's customers include renowned manufacturers like Samsung and most prestigious Korean universities. Their research and development team is filled with exceptional professionals with masters or doctorate degrees in bio / nano / mechanical / computer science engineering who zero in on development of industry leading products. Nanobase, Inc. is also the sole holder of grating-mirror related patent in the U.S, China, and South Korea and has eight other domestic patents in hand.

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