Solartron Analytical MaterialsLab XM


  • Highest accuracy DC (IV, fast pulse) and EIS (C-V, impedance, Mott-Schottky)
  • Instant switching between DC and EIS - without changing sample connections
  • Low frequency to 10 µHz for degradation, trap state and material purity studies
  • Multiple AC techniques include single sine, harmonic analysis (non-linear materials), multisine for faster low frequency tests

Materials Lab XM is an application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) product that is primarily focused on materials research. The Materials Lab XM product provides a fully integrated reference grade time domain and AC measurement platform. No need to switch sample connections between techniques. Time domain measurements include I-V (current voltage) characterization as well as fast pulse techniques.

AC testing techniques include everything from single-sine analysis, to multisine / Fast Fourier Transform for faster low frequency analysis, to harmonics and intermodulation for testing linearity and breakdown of materials. Measurements of electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), admittance, permittivity and capacitance are all provided from the XMstudio MTS software platform, together with integrated equivalent circuit analysis functionality. Time domain and AC tests can be combined in test sequences and instantly switched, allowing DC and pulse waveforms to activate charge carriers, followed immediately by EIS analysis of the activated carriers. This closely linked integration is only with the Materials Lab XM.

Synchronized measurements from optical, mechanical displacement or other types of transducers can also be integrated via Materials Lab XM‘s auxiliary measurement port, further expanding the range of measurements that can be included. Temperature testing is also fully integrated with XMstudio MTS software providing control of a range of temperature controllers that can be combined with cryostats and high temperature furnace systems. Furnaces and high temperature sample holders provide the functionality to test solid oxide / ionic conductor materials over a range of temperature up to 1200 °C. Cryostats are often used to lower the sample time-constants into the frequency range that can be measured by the equipment, or to investigate low temperature phenomena such as carrier trap states. The Materials Lab XM system provides complete integration of time domain I-V, pulse, EIS and temperature control for the complete characterization of materials.

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