• Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.


  • Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source
    Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source

    The patent pending LS-150 is a compact, integrated, functional and stable 150 watt arc lamp based light source. The entire source, power supply, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in an extremely compact enclosure, 9 x 6 x 11 inches.  

    Demonstration system now available.
  • Spectrocam Multispectral Imaging

    Features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel and scientific grade CCD array, in a portable, fully configurable, high speed MSI camera.

    Enquire about our demonstration system now available for trial. 

  • Horiba Scientific Xplora Smart Microscopy

    The XploRA is a new concept in Raman microscopy bringing Raman chemical identification directly to your microscope. 

    Ask now our about our upcoming demonstration system.

  • Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YCL
    Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YCL

    The SC-Pro from YCL Photonics is a supercontinuum laser with tunable MHz-range repetition rate and adjustable power.

    Demonstration system now available.

Ekspla PGX01 series: High energy, narrow linewidth picosecond optical parametric generators (OPGs)

Ekspla PGX01

Ekspla PGX01 series picosecond optical parametric generators (OPGs) feature high pulse energy and narrow linewidth. PGX01 series OPGs are an excellent choice for researchers who need picosecond tunable source from UV to mid IR. Due to the unique tunability range these devices are a very attractive and cost-efficient alternative to other tunable laser radiation sources.  


Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YSL Photonics

The SC-Pro from YSL Photonics is a supercontinuum laser with tunable MHz-range repetition rate and adjustable power. The spectrum covers the range from 400nm to 2400nm. It’s especially suitable for fluorescence lifetime imaging, nanophotonics, infrared spectroscopy and other fields when working at the condition of 25MHz 5W. When working at 1-5MHz, it offers pulse energies of more than a micro-joule, which is ideal for fluorescence spectroscopy, or STED imaging fields.

With its unique features, SC-Pro makes it possible to generate a supercontinuum source with low repetition rate, microjoule pulse energy and high repetition rate,100 nJ pulse energy.


Lasermet Blackcat range of laser safety curtains

Lasermet Blackcat

Lasermet's Blackcat Laser Safety Curtains are manufactured from a specially developed laser-blocking material and can be supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains. The dark grey material will operate as a blackout curtain as well as a laser blocking curtain.

Ideal for use with Class 3B and expanded Class 4 lasers, the material is also fireproof. Protection times given by the material at various power densities are shown in the specifications below. The top of the curtains have eyelets to support the curtain. They are also supplied with hooks to connect to a curtain track.

The weight of the material is 900g/sqm. Heavy duty curtain tracks can be supplied for smooth operation and for applications where the curtain needs to be suspended below the fixing points, high-quality cubicle curtain track is available.

Abet Announces new line of SunLite Solar Simulators

The recently introduced line of SunLite Solar Simulators from Abet technologies set a new standard for 50 x 50 mm field solar simulators using only a 100 watt Xenon arc lamp. The 11002 SunLite Solar Simulator utilizes and optimized optical system to deliver more than one AM1.5G sun irradiance over a 50 x 50 mm area.

The Sunlight Solar Simulator offers a flexible design that can be adapted to many particular needs. The standard configuration is a downward output system with an AM1.5G filter included. The SunLite is easily converted to a horizontal or up pointing beam configuration using only a screw driver. The standard system is delivered with one 100 watt Xenon arc lamp, an AM1.5G air mass filter,  adjustable height stand, and HEPA filtered cooling air. The standard optics supplied with the SunLite are N-BK7 to minimize harmful ultraviolet radiation. For solar cells with an extended range fused silica optics are available.


HORIBA Scientific Releases LabSpec 6.3 Software Update

Horiba LabSpec 6 release

Enhanced capabilities include full 3D volume display for Raman spectroscopy

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy systems, is proud to announce the release of a major update to its acclaimed LabSpec 6 Raman spectroscopy software platform. 

Featuring a new 3D Surface and Volume display module, LabSpec 6.3 is fully compatible with high resolution confocal volume maps acquired with HORIBA’s range of Raman microscopes.  With full control of map rotation, transparency, filtering and slicing, it is now very easy to view the internal chemical structure of complex heterogeneous samples.

Topographic images from HORIBA’s range of combined Raman-AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes) and TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) systems can also be rendered by the module, benefitting from full 3D surface display with super-imposed chemical distribution maps.


PHOTONIS Introduces NOCTURN Color Low-Light Camera

Photonis Nocturn

USB3 Functionality with Day/Night Imaging

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging introduces Nocturn, a new Color Low-Light CMOS camera, optimized for low-light conditions without the need for supplemental illumination. The new camera model provides USB3 functionality and color imaging for the NOCTURN line of products, offering new standard connectivity options for video management and dissemination in aerial and ground vehicles. The model, NOCTURN U3, along with other Digital Imaging solutions, will be on live display at the PHOTONIS booth at the upcoming Eurosatory show in Paris, France, 16-20 June in Hall 6, Stand B-114. 


Piezoelectrical shaker for vibration excitation with frequencies up to 100 kHz from piezosystem jena

piezosystems Jena

The use of piezo shakers for vibration excitation has many advantages over conventional methods. Piezo shakers have a higher force potential as a result of their stiffness and their ability to operate at exceedingly higher frequencies. Due to their high power density they can be produced in compact sizes. These small elements can be used for modal analysis of mechanical structures. Massive piezo shakers with a seismic mass can modulate forces up to double-digit Kilonewtons.

Piezo shakers from piezosystems Jena are used in the following applications:    


SensL announce new C-Series SiPM sensors


SensL’s C-Series SiPM sensors feature industry-leading low dark count rates of <100kHz/mm2, in combination with exceptional breakdown voltage uniformity. The spectral range is 300nm – 800nm, peaking at 420nm (>40% PDE). For ultrafast timing applications C-Series “FC” sensors have a uniquely fast output. The C-Series is available in different sensor sizes (1mm, 3mm and 6mm) and packaged in a variety of formats, including a 4-side tileable surface mount (SMT) package that is compatible with lead-free, reflow soldering processes.


Sensors Unlimited 320M SWIR Camera reveals second painting by Picasso

Sensors Inc

Scientists and art experts have found a hidden painting beneath one of Pablo Picasso's first masterpieces, "The Blue Room," using advances in infrared imagery to reveal a bow-tied man with his face resting on his hand. Now the question that conservators at The Phillips Collection in Washington hope to answer is simply: Who is he?

It's a mystery that's fueling new research about the 1901 painting created early in Picasso's career while he was working in Paris at the start of his distinctive blue period of melancholy subjects.

Curators and conservators revealed their findings for the first time to The Associated Press last week. Over the past five years, experts from The Phillips Collection, National Gallery of Art, Cornell University and Delaware's Winterthur Museum have developed a clearer image of the mystery picture under the surface. It's a portrait of an unknown man painted in a vertical composition by one of the 20th century's great artists.


New Metrology products from Mad City Labs

Mad City Labs

Mad City Labs recently expanded its line of nanopositioning systems for metrology applications with several high speed, high stability, low position noise, picometer precision products. 

The Nano-HS3M (shown above) is a high speed, XYZ precision nanopositioning system with picometer positioning resolution. Other new products in the line include the Nano-METZ, a compact z-axis nanopositioning system designed for high speed scanning and ultra-low noise characteristics for demanding AFM and metrology applications; the Nano-MET2 and Nano-MET3, ultra-low noise, high precision nanopositioning systems with picometer positioning resolution; and the Nano-MET10 and Nano-MET20, compact, single axis nanopositioning systems with exceptional resonant frequency and low noise characteristics.


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