• Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems
    Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems

    ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development


  • Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.


  • Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source
    Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source

    The patent pending LS-150 is a compact, integrated, functional and stable 150 watt arc lamp based light source. The entire source, power supply, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in an extremely compact enclosure, 9 x 6 x 11 inches.  

    Demonstration system now available.
  • Spectrocam Multispectral Imaging

    Features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel and scientific grade CCD array, in a portable, fully configurable, high speed MSI camera.

    Enquire about our demonstration system now available for trial. 

  • Horiba Scientific Xplora Smart Microscopy

    The XploRA is a new concept in Raman microscopy bringing Raman chemical identification directly to your microscope. 

    Ask now our about our upcoming demonstration system.

  • Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YSL
    Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YSL

    The SC-Pro from YSL Photonics is a supercontinuum laser with tunable MHz-range repetition rate and adjustable power.

    Demonstration system now available.

Thorlabs Optically Clear Acrylic Breadboard

ETN016819 xl


  • 12" x 12" (304.8 mm x 304.8 mm) Optically Clear Acrylic Breadboard
  • On-Axis Alphanumeric Labels Indicate Mounting Hole Locations
  • 1/4"-20 Tapped Holes on 0.50" (12.7 mm) Centers
  • Central Window for Unobstructed Viewing of Parts
  • Ideal for Vision Systems and Metrology

Thorlabs' CMMP1212V Breadboard is crafted from polished, optically clear acrylic and is ideal for applications that require parts to be backlit and fixed in place at specific reference positions, such as vision metrology. Each breadboard contains a pattern of 1/4"-20 tapped through holes, spaced 0.5" (12.7 mm) apart, that is offset by 1.0" (25.4 mm) from the edges of the board. This allows for an increased number of mounting options for components when compared to breadboards that have a standard 1" or 25.0 mm hole pattern or a double-density 0.5" or 12.7 mm hole pattern. Within the 1.0" wide region on each side are on-axis alphanumeric labels for identifying specific rows, columns, or mounting holes.

A 2.72" x 2.72" (69.2 mm x 69.2 mm) center-located window is included for components or smaller parts that need to be viewed without obstructions such as mounting holes. Constructed from acrylic, the breadboard has high transmission in the visible and near-IR regions of the spectrum.

Laser Quantum venteon ultra: Benefits of ultrashort pulses in two-photon microscopy

venteon ultra

Two-photon microscopy has enabled the imaging of live tissue and cells to higher depth than conventional methods whilst minimising the risk of photo-bleaching and sample damage. Femtosecond lasers with ultrashort pulse and ultrabroad spectrum, such as Laser Quantum’s venteon ultra, can be easily coupled to a compression and characterisation module to exploit all the advantages they can offer.

Download White Paper: "Benefits of Ultrashort pulses in two-photon microscopy".

Download: venteon ultra datasheet.

Searching for the Author of "Vukovar Landscapes": Pigment Analysis in Paintings

Eltz Manor

Figure 1: Eltz Manor — once a castle — is now the location of the Vukovar City Museum.

Written by Igor Lukacevic, Ph.D. and Ante Matanic – University of Osijek, Croatia

As two colors in a painting can look the same to the human eye, their reflective spectral signatures can reveal differences in the visual part of electromagnetic spectrum. These differences, or lack of them, can be used to give answers looked for by art historians and collectors interested in cultural heritage.

Using a portable miniature spectrometer (Ocean Optics USB-2000), diffuse reflectance spectra of the same colors in different paintings were measured and compared. If the same pigments were used on different paintings, it could be another clue that the paintings were made by the same author.

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Quantum Composers introduces new Mid Infrared lasers with advances in energy stability

MIR Laser 7e3066125e8d55cdb00a2951b43d2ca7

Quantum Composers, has unveiled a mid-infrared laser featuring the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology. The MIR Lasers are in production and available for pre-order starting in May and will be displayed at the upcoming World of Photonics tradeshow in Munich. This Mid-IR Laser was created in partnership with Bridger Photonics Lasers and features a small form factor combined with robust components to create a laser with high output energy and reduced shot-to-shot energy jitter.

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HORIBA Scientific Launches ULTIMA TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime System



Fluorescence system offers shortest lifetime resolution on the market.

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Fluorescence spectroscopy systems, recently launched the new UltimaTM TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime system, optimized for short lifetime measurements. The new Ultima fluorometer combines the latest in high temporal resolution TCSPC electronics, interchangeable high speed light sources and detector technologies, and HORIBA Scientific’s FluoroCube, the most flexible dedicated lifetime optical platform, to offer the highest performance photon counting lifetime system available. 

The Ultima’s 400 fs/point time resolution enable it to measure the shortest lifetimes of any comparable commercial system. Its measurement range of 100 ns to seconds, flexibility of 16k time channels, and simplicity of a USB PC connection also make the Ultima the easiest to use. The Ultima can also be configured for use with MCPs, fs lasers, NIR detectors and excitation and emission monochromators to support virtually any experimental configuration.

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Raptor Photonics OWL 640: best performing SWIR camera in the world now in Analog

 owl HR White 002

  • 15µm x 15 µm pixel pitch
  • < 50 electrons readout noise
  • QE up to 1700nm

The OWL SW1.7 CL-640 from Raptor Photonics is a rugged, high sensitivity digital VIS-SWIR camera. Using a 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor from SCD the OWL enables high sensitivity imaging from 0.4µm to 1.7µm. The 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch enables highest resolution VIS-SWIR image and with less than 50 electrons readout noise the OWL 640 enables the highest VIS-SWIR detection limit.

Available with an analog output, the OWL 640 will run at 25Hz in CCIR and 30Hz in EIA, enabling high speed digital video with intelligent auto AGC. This new feature On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) will enable clear video in all light conditions.

Click below for further information including videos of the OWL camera in action. 

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Lasermet Low Voltage LED Warning and Room Information Signs


These LED signs from Lasermet operate from 24V DC and can be used as stand alone units or alternatively can be automatically switched by a Lasermet ICS safety access control system. Being relatively compact they can be mounted between door handle and eye height which ensures that they will be seen by someone intending to enter the door. A range of hazard warning signs and room information signs are available.

Low energy signs: Utilising the latest LED technology, these signs are ultra low energy with a power consumption of only 3.6W.

Download detailed brochure showing available models here, or read below for further information.

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LaVision EngineMaster inspex systems now available for in-cylinder endoscopic imaging in real engines

EngineMaster inspex

Introducing LaVision’s EngineMaster inspex products for in-cylinder endoscopic imaging in real engines

The LaVision EngineMaster inspex product range has been designed to provide turnkey solutions for in-cylinder spray and combustion visualization. The systems include all necessary components: high resolution digital color cameras with imaging endoscope, endoscopic spray and background contour illumination, engine sealing inserts, synchronisation electronics and software for recording and visualization. Three different options are available providing different levels of performance up to fully crank angle resolved high speed imaging.

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Ocean Optics: LED Color Measurement with Compact Spectral Sensor

 Spark VIS with quarter 960x884

Spark-VIS Ultra-compact Visible Spectral Sensor: A Revolutionary Spectral Sensor

Ocean Optics' Spark comprises a family of spectral sensor products and is available in three formats – a core spectral sensor product and two embeddable, OEM-friendly versions – with the level of integration up to the customer.  The Spark-DET, the smallest version, is at the heart of the plug-and-play core device, and, weighing less than 1g, the Spark-DET is the smallest spectral device on the market.

A spectral sensor is a new class of device that focuses on size, manufacturability, and value, bringing the power of spectroscopy to the sensor market. The Spark also offers users full spectral information in applications previously dominated by RGB photodiode devices.

The Spark spectral sensor is easily embedded into handheld colorimetric systems for applications including color measurement of studio lighting, large projection displays and LEDs in sorting operations. In this application note, we test Spark feasibility by measuring a multi-color LED strip.

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