• Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.


  • Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source
    Abet Technologies LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source

    The patent pending LS-150 is a compact, integrated, functional and stable 150 watt arc lamp based light source. The entire source, power supply, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in an extremely compact enclosure, 9 x 6 x 11 inches.  

    Demonstration system now available.
  • Spectrocam Multispectral Imaging

    Features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel and scientific grade CCD array, in a portable, fully configurable, high speed MSI camera.

    Enquire about our demonstration system now available for trial. 

  • Horiba Scientific Xplora Smart Microscopy

    The XploRA is a new concept in Raman microscopy bringing Raman chemical identification directly to your microscope. 

    Ask now our about our upcoming demonstration system.

  • Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YSL
    Multi-Function Supercontinuum Fibre Laser SC-Pro from YSL

    The SC-Pro from YSL Photonics is a supercontinuum laser with tunable MHz-range repetition rate and adjustable power.

    Demonstration system now available.

LaVision systems study model of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

pulse cycle

Flow development and membrane deformation at three instances throughout the pulse cycle

Successful Fluid-Structure Interaction studies of bioscience subjects utilizing FlowMaster Tomo-PIV and StrainMaster DIC system DIC systems from LaVision

Normally, the aorta, the main blood vessel that leads away from the heart, is about 2 cm wide. If it swells up to 6 cm then one speaks of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Although rare, if a large aneurysm bursts, it causes huge internal bleeding and is usually fatal. 

At the Royal Veterinary College in London the blood flow around the aortic wall was simulated and the instantaneous flow structure in the fluid volume, in conjunction with the degree of wall deformation was investigated utilizing Tomographic PIV and digital image correlation techniques simultaneously.

These studies, in which a FlowMaster Tomo-PIV and a StrainMaster DIC system from LaVision were used, provided valuable insight and validation data for future simulations of this complex problem.

Deep-cooled Scientific Spectroscopy Camera Perfect for Low Light and Ultrafast spectroscopy

synapseihr 04

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Optical Spectroscopy systems, launched its new Synapse EM, a deep cooled EMCCD Scientific camera for low light and ultra-fast spectroscopy experiments. The Synapse EM is available in front and back illuminated for optimal quantum efficiency. With a sensor format of 1600 x 200 or 1600 x 400 and a pixel size of 16 microns, the Synapse EM is the ideal candidate for high spectral resolution measurements. The camera comes with a standard dual readout mode that allows the users to switch automatically between EMCCD mode for low light measurements and conventional CCD mode for standard spectroscopy. Full specifications here, or read on below for more.


Gentec-EO launch 4.2MPixel Camera for Laser Beam Profiling


Gentec 42

Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc., has just launched a new 4.2 MPixels model in its popular Beamage Series. The Beamage-4M presents twice as many pixels as the regular Beamage-3.0, in the same compact package. Download full specifications here. Features:

  • USB 3.0 for the fastest Transfer Rates
  • High Resolution for accurate profile measurements of very small beams
  • 2.2 MPixels for the Beamage-3.0
  • 4.2 MPixels for the Beamage-4M
  • Large Area Sensors: 11.3 x 6.0 mm for the Beamage-3.0
  • 11.3 x 11.3 mm for the Beamage-4M, double the size of the Beamage-3.0!


See in the UV with the new Raptor Photonics Falcon Blue EMCCD

falcon raptor

The Raptor Photonics digital FALCON BLUE EMCCD camera, model FA285B-CL, combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution. It uses a peltier cooled Texas Instruments' 1MegaPixel Frame Transfer Impactron device which provides QE up to 65%. It has a Fused Silica window for enhanced transmission down to 180nm.

It uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. The Falcon camera offers outstanding performance for low light applications such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.

The camera is fully compatible with the XCAP software from EPIX.  This high performance Image Analysis Software offers easy-to-use menus and dialogs and allows simple or complex imaging tasks to be effortlessly completed.


HORIBA Scientific release new products and techniques catalogue for 2015

horiba scientifi catalogue

HORIBA Scientific has compiled its techniques and products in the brand new "Product Catalogue". It includes principle and applications for each technique as well as all models and their main characteristics.

Click here to access the complete 60 pages document online for full technical explanations, application descriptions and illustrated measurement results.

Thorlabs: new Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer for free-space and fibre-coupled inputs 3.3 - 8.0 µm

STN012216 xl

  • Dual-Function Broadband Spectrometer and Wavelength Meter
  • Five Models Support Wavelengths from 350 nm to 8.0 µm
  • Includes Laptop with Pre-Installed Software for Data Collection and Analysis

Thorlabs' Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSAs) perform highly accurate measurements of the spectra of unknown light sources. The new model OSA206 has just been released, covering the 3.3 - 8.0 µm (3030 - 1250 cm-1) region.

These compact instruments suit a wide range of applications, such as analyzing the spectrum of a telecom signal, resolving the Fabry-Perot modes of a gain chip, and identifying gas absorption lines in a spectral measurement.


Edmund Optics Gorilla® Glass Windows

Edmund Optics Gorilla Glass windows

  • Chemically Strengthened Drawn Glass
  • Highly Resistance to Surface Scratches
  • Ideal for Electronic Displays

Edmund Optics Gorilla® Glass Windows are chemically strengthened to reduce the propagation of surface flaws. These thin windows feature superior surface quality and excellent scratch resistance. With greater than 90% transmission from 350 - 600nm, these windows are excellent protective covers for electronic displays in consumer and industrial applications.

Gorilla® Glass Windows are widely used as protective cover glass for high-end display devices such as laptops, televisions and mobile phones. Due to their durable construction, they are ideal for even the most demanding applications.

Edmund Optics Soft Jaw Pliers

Edmund Optics soft grip pliers

  • Non-Marring Cushioned Tips
  • Screw-In Cushioned Tip Design
  • Replacement Tips Available

The slip joint design utilized in these pliers is ideal for handling optics, camera-lens assemblies, and other delicate components. Jaw openings range from 0.75" to 2.75" (dependent on model). Jaws feature screw-in plastic cushions to protect fine knurling and delicate finishes. Tool body is laminated and handles are covered with rolled vinyl to ensure proper grip.

Flame: Next Generation Miniature Spectrometer from Ocean Optics


Flame builds on 20 years of expertise from the producers of the first miniature spectrometer

Ocean Optics has launched a spectrometer line that combines decades of miniature spectrometer design expertise with industry-leading manufacturing techniques. The Flame spectrometer delivers high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of modular, miniature spectrometers. Features such as interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simpler device connectors provide great flexibility for a wide range of UV-Vis applications including OEM integration and lab, industrial and field use.

The Flame is fully configurable across the 190-1100 nm wavelength range for use in absorbance, transmission, reflectance, irradiance and color applications. Spectrometers come preconfigured or custom configured, with interchangeable slits that enable users to adjust resolution and throughput on demand. For example, the user can reconfigure the same spectrometer from high resolution for absorbance to high throughput for fluorescence in seconds. To further increase measurement power, the Flame works seamlessly with the Ocean Optics range of light sources, optical fibers, sampling accessories and software.


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