• Laser Quantum: 532nm finesse laser is the pump laser of choice for Ti:S

    Laser Quantum 532nm finesse laser:

    The established choice of Ti: Sapphire pump source for integrators worldwide, is now available at powers of up to 16W.

  • Horiba Scientific Xplora Smart Microscopy

    Horiba Scientific Xplora Smart Microscopy

    The XploRA is a new concept in Raman microscopy bringing Raman chemical identification directly to your microscope. 

    Ask now our about our upcoming demonstration system.

  • Energetiq LDLS

    Energetiq: Laser Driven Light Source (LDLS)

    Revolutionary LDLS technology generates high brightness, high power light from 1nm to 1000nm with high reliability, high stability, and long life, all in a compact package. 

    Enquire about our demonstration system now available for trial. 

  • Spectrocam Multispectral Imaging

    Spectrocam MultiSpectral Imaging (MSI)

    Features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel and scientific grade CCD array, in a portable, fully configurable, high speed MSI camera.

    Enquire about our demonstration system now available for trial. 


Laser Quantum's taccor: A unique turn-key femtosecond laser

Laser Quantum taccor

The taccor is a unique turn-key femtosecond laser from Laser Quantum with integrated pump source in a hermetically sealed cavity. At 1GHz repetition rate it delivers up to 1.8W of average power with pulses that can be as short as 15fs. The taccor is designed as self mode-locking and stabilising.  


Laser Quantum's gem532: Single-transverse mode CW green laser

Laser Quantum gem532

The gem532 is the jewel in the Laser Quantum collection. It is a high specification, single transverse mode CW green laser making it ideal for Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, DNA sequencing and for integration into OEM packages in general, and can be equipped with fiber-delivery. The gem 532 is very compact and capable of up to 2W. This is a small laser with an exceptional output. This laser offers a highly stable, diffraction limited beam.  


New features optimize PicoQuant's SymPhoTime 64 software

PicoQuant SymphoTime64

PicoQuant has released version 1.6 of the fluorescence lifetime software package

PicoQuant has released a new version of the system software SymPhoTime 64 for all time-resolved microscopes (MicroTime Series, FLIM & FCS Upgrade Kit for LSM). Version 1.6 includes an optimized online analysis for FLIM and FCS as well as several workflow improvements of FLIM, FCS, grouped analysis, and file handling along with bugfixing. A new demo-workspace and numerous step-by-step tutorials are also available.


Delivery of First TOPTICA Guide Star Laser Accepted by ESO

Toptica Laser GuideStar

TOPTICA’s Laser Development Successfully Completed as Pathfinder for Future Extremely Large Telescopes (ELTs)

March 28, 2014: Over the course of the last three years, TOPTICA has developed a new generation of sodium guide star lasers to be deployed at ESO’s Adaptive Optics Facility at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Paranal, Chile. Until August 2014, TOPTICA will complete the delivery of four such lasers plus one spare unit to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), hoping for first light on the sky in Paranal in early 2015.

The newly developed laser systems consist of a narrow band and tun-able diode laser with 50 mW output power at 1178 nm, a Raman Fiber Amplifier stage developed by MPB Communications of Canada and a subsequent resonant frequency doubling stage. The output frequency is actively locked to a high resolution precision wavelength meter (HighFi-nesse GmbH). The work was performed under a multi-year ESO devel-opment contract using the ESO EFRA license for the amplifier step. 


HORIBA Scientific Launches New UVISEL 2 VUV

Horiba Scientific UVISEL 2 VUV

Versatile Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Delivers Fastest Thin Film Measurements over Largest Wavelength Range, from 147 to 2100 nm

HORIBA Scientific, a leader in spectroscopic ellipsometry, is pleased to announce the launch of the UVISEL 2 VUV, a new generation of phase modulation spectroscopic ellipsometer for VUV measurements. UVISEL 2 VUV is the only spectroscopic ellipsometer on the market designed to deliver the fastest thin film measurements over the largest wavelength range, from 147 to 2100 nm.

The UVISEL 2 VUV is “a hybrid ellipsometer”, capable of operating in 2 modes: under nitrogen or primary vacuum. Its mechanical design is optimized for low nitrogen consumption down to 6L/min, and allows fast sample loading, which takes less than two minutes. The readily accessible chamber in front makes sample loading very convenient.


PicoQuant: Integrating sphere add-on for FluoTime 300


Precise quantum yield measurements can be routinely performed in a few minutes even by untrained users

PicoQuant has released an integrating sphere add-on for the FluoTime 300 spectrometer. It has been thoroughly designed and calibrated and is able to reproduce published literature data of selected quantum yield standards such as Rhodamin 6G, Coumarin 153, and Ru(bpy)3.The complete workflow for quantum yield measurements is included in the EasyTau software as a dedicated quantum yield wizard. Therefore, precise quantum yield measurements can be routinely performed in a few minutes even for untrained users.

Lumina Power Inc: LDD Series High Power Laser Diode Drivers

Lumina Power Inc LDD High Power Laser Diode Drivers

The Lumina Power Inc LDD series is a new family of OEM laser diode drivers designed for the emerging high power laser diode industry. The LDD series is ideal for high power applications where economy is important and performance cannot be compromised. Compact size is possible due to the low-loss Zero Voltage Switching inverter and incorporation of planar magnetics. The LDD is virtually wire free.

Power factor is greater than 0.99 and conducted emissions meet stringent European regulations. No additional line filters required to meet EN 55011 emission requirements. The LDD family has been designed with the knowledge that a high power laser diode is an expensive device. Rise and fall times are strictly controlled to reduce high voltage transients which could damage the laser diode.


New Speakers Added To Horiba Scientific Ramanfest Conference

Horiba Ramanfest

16 World Renowned Scientists Are Now Presenting During the Two Day Event

Sunney Xie of Harvard University and Andrew Whitley of HORIBA Scientific, are proud to announce that Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, from MIT, will be joining the growing list of world-renowned speakers already committed to RamanFest.

This year’s RamanFest, an international event, will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on Thursday, June 12th, and Friday, June 13th. The annual two-day conference is being held by HORIBA Scientific, in conjunction with Harvard University, in the Pfizer auditorium.


Quantum Composers Instruments for Laser Ablation & Fluid Dynamics

Quantum Composers DDG

Quantum Composers Digital Delay Generators such as the 9520 and 9530 series are cost effective, and provide precision timing and synchronization for laser ablation and fluid dynamics. The application paper below comes from Hong Kong University featuring the 9520 Delay Generator used in Pulsed Laser Ablation. 

"Method and Apparatus for Measuring Amount of Material Removed From Target In Pulsed Laser Ablation"


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