Solartron Analytical EchemLab XM


  • ±100 V polarization and compliance
  • High voltage auxiliary channels
  • Highest accuracy DC and EIS Multiple AC techniques include single sine, harmonic analysis (non-linear materials), multisine for faster low frequency tests

Solartron Analytical'sEchemLab XM is an application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) product that is primarily focused on corrosion/coatings, and physical/analytical electrochemistry. EchemLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat and frequency response analyzer (FRA). EchemLab XM has a built-in 100 V high voltage amplifier which can be used for not only for compliance measurements but also for high voltage cell polarization. This is useful in many high solution resistance applications, for example in organic electrochemistry. In addition to high voltage, power boosters can also be integrated to combine high current and high voltage in many specialized plating applications.

  • Growth of anodized Al/Mg corrosion coatings
  • Low conductivity organic electrosynthesis
  • Plating
  • Electro remediation with porous electrodes - used in petroleum extraction and environmental applications
  • Electrodeposition for Ti colored films
  • Electrochemical reactor with high voltage bipolar electrodes
  • High impedance biodiesel purity and many other organic media applications

Review EchemLab XM’s impedance accuracy contour to appreciate its measurement performance which is now brought to you in a smaller, lower cost package in the new AppsLab XM range of products.

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