The Laser Quantum venteon OPCPA provides a unique combination of a few-cycle pulse duration with a pulse energy in the µJ-regime at a high repetition rate. The excellent output stability, and the ability for a CEP-stabilised output, makes this amplifier the ideal source for nonlinear spectroscopy, high harmonic generation and applications in attosecond physics. In contrast to more commonly used Ti:sapphire amplifiers, the unique parametric amplification process of the venteon OPCPA gives rise to a much larger gain bandwidth which maintains the excellent few-cycle pulse duration through the amplification process.


Average Power >3 W Pulse Repetition Rate 200 kHz to 4 MHz
Pulse Energy >0.75 ??J to >15 ??J* Pulse Duration <8 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth >300 nm (@-10 dBc) Noise <1% RMS
Operating Temperature 15 - 25 ??C


  • Remote connection capability
  • CEPLoQ technology
  • Low actual and FTL pulse duration
  • CEP upgrade
  • Parametric amplification for broadband amplification
  • Microjoule pulse energy at MHz repetition rate
  • Two color output optically synchronized as product variation
  • Push button start of amplifier pump
  • Automatic Delay stabilization
  • Active beam pointing stabilization for long-term measurements
  • MHz repetition rate for good experimental statistics


  • OPCPA Principles & Technology
  • Customisations
  • *Additional Information/videos
  • Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilisation
  • High Harmonic Generation
  • Time resolved electron microscopy


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