Ekspla's NT262 is a unique narrow linewidth 10 kHz OPO. Pioneering patented technology enables powerful up to 0.7 W output in 210 – 2600 nm wavelengths range while maintaining < 3 cm-1 (typically < 2 cm-1 at most wavelengths) linewidth that is highly beneficial for traditional and specific applications requiring narrow linewidth and high spectral brightness pulses. Thus, besides the most of popular applications, like fluorescence and pump-probe, the system is also suitable for such demanding applications where high resolution and narrow linewidth are required, like the calibration of detectors and spectroradiometers, metrology or gas spectroscopy.

High 10 kHz repetition rate and hands-free wavelength tuning makes easy and fast experiment data collection as never before. The system is highly stable, ensures excellent short and long-term energy and power stability, has smaller M2 value if compared with traditional OPO systems. In addition to superior specifications, the laser is highly reliable due to low generation threshold and easy running regime. The system fits into monolithic, rugged housing that ensure high reliability and low costs of maintenance.

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  • Hands-free no gap wavelength tuning in 210 – 2600 nm range
  • High repetition rate 10 kHz
  • Narrow linewidth down to 1.5 cm⁻¹
  • Up to 0.7 W output



  • Hands-free no gap wavelength tuning in 210 – 2600 nm range
  • High repetition rate 10 kHz
  • Narrow linewidth down to 1.5 cm⁻¹
  • Up to 0.7 W output
  • Monolithic rugged frame
  • Motorized output shutters
  • Mixed Q-switched/ mode-locked operation
  • Easy control via keypad or PC


  • Super reliable
  • Wide tuning range 210 – 2600 nm without gaps
  • Output peak in VIS range (useful for popular applications, like LIF)
  • Hands-free wavelength tuning – no need for physical intervention


  • Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Photoacoustic microscopy
  • Metrology & equipment calibration
  • Pump-probe spectroscopy, photolysis
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Environment monitoring, LIDAR


Lasers, Light & other EM Sources