fluorescent beads for super resolution microscoyp

Fluorescent beads are important microscopy tools which can be used for calibration of microscopes, particle tracking or quantitative determination of point spread functions especially in STED microscopy. Particularly for the last point a small structure size keeping a high brightness is an immense advantage. Products from the Gattaquant GATTA-Bead series fulfill this requirement perfectly with a diameter of only 23 nm. Additionally, they show a clearly improved homogeneity and flexibility compared to other beads. We offer GATTA-Beads in the colors red (ATTO 647N), orange (ATTO 594), green (ATTO 542) and blue (Oregon Green 488). Moreover, we offer alternative dyes which are indicated on the table below.

On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements. All samples will be delivered on a sealed glass slide which you can comfortably put directly on your microscope.

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Fields of Application:

  • Setup calibration
  • 2D STED measurements
  • 3D STED PSF distillation and deconvolution
  • Tracking and drift-correction


  • Size: d = 23 nm
  • Brightness: the highest brightness density
  • Homogeneity: super small size and intensity distribution
  • Flexibility: change color or add chemical groups

Fluorophore Properties:

 Fluorophore Our notation Excitation / nm Emission / nm
ATTO 647N R  647  664
Abberior Star 635P R  635  651
ATTO 594 O 594 626
ATTO 542 G 542 562
Cy3 G 554 568
Alexa Fluor 555 G 555 580
Oregon Green 488 B 488 526
Alexa Fluor 488 B 488 525
ATTO 490LS B 490 658