Take advantage of Ocean Insight application-ready systems – spectrometer, laser, accessories and software – for Raman measurements. These bundles have all the components necessary for probe-based Raman measurements.

Packages are available for Raman excitation wavelengths of 532 nm, 638 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm. Designed to operate as a system, the components in these packages mate seamlessly to get you started taking Raman spectra more quickly. All bundles come with software and the appropriate laser safety glasses.


Raman excitation wavelength packages:

  • 532 nm – This wavelength is the workhorse for inorganic materials, offering maximum signal for samples that do not suffer from autofluorescence. 

  • 638 nm –  Often used for most biomedical applications, which need to balance the risk of sample damage with fluorescence generation. 

  • 785 nm – Yields quality Raman spectra for most chemicals, with limited interference from fluorescence. Also offers good spectral resolution.

  • 1064 nm – Is popular for pigment-rich tissues and materials. Though the Raman signal is much weaker, the near absence of fluorescence permits spectra to be obtained with a reasonable SNR.