BaySpec's Agility™ Raman spectrometer delivers high sensitivity and repeatability in an affordable, ruggedized, battery-operated turn-key package. Available in 532, 785, and 1064 nm with single or dual band options. An integrated sample compartment allows the utmost flexibility, via its quick-change, auto-aligning sample holders.

Key Features

  • Integrated multi-lasers, spectrometer, touchscreen computer
  • Standard wavelength options at 532, 785, and 1064 nm (custom wavelengths available)
  • Dual wavelength options at 532/1064 and 785/1064 nm (custom wavelengths available)
  • Various Quick-Change Sample options for any sample type
  • Cooled CCD or InGaAs detector
  • Transportable ergonomic design, light-weight < 15 lbs
  • High throughput transmission spectrograph with VPG® and f/1.8 design
  • Up to 499 mW laser power at 785 and 1064 nm, up to 50 mW at 532 nm, automatic laser switch
  • Agile20/20™ Windows®-based software for turn-key operation
  • 1064 nm Raman implemented for eliminating or reducing fluoresce interference in some difficult samples

1st generation Raman spectrometers were limited to laboratory instruments. 2nd generation systems, although portable, were costly and struggled with repeatability and sensitivity. BaySpec’s 3rd generation Agility™ delivers highly repeatable and sensitive results in a sleek, transportable, battery-operated package. With available Quick-Change Sample options, a variety of sample types can be accommodated either within the Agility™ sample chamber or externally, via a fiber probe. The Agility™ is also unique in its availability in single band (532, 785, 1064 nm) or a dual band (532/1064, 785/1064 nm) in the same compact footprint. The base unit comprises laser(s), spectrometer(s), onboard touch-screen computer, and base unit with supplied side-looking sample holder for vials, cuvettes, or pills.

The Agility™ employs a highly efficient volume phase grating (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element and a cooled CCD or InGaAs array detector, thereby providing high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectral measurement. High reliability (MIL STD 810 shock and vibration) is achieved through a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts. Periodic calibration is not required, but can be performed automatically. Convenient USB interface for outputting data or control via external computer is provided, along with integrated WiFi (optional) for remote control of all system functions. The included Agile20/20™ software platform allows full control of spectral acquisition as well as library search functionality.

The BaySpec Agility™ series offers users the most versatile sampling options available, with a number of Quick-Change inserts that can be rapidly exchanged within the base system. These inserts maintain the precise optical alignment necessary to ensure high-quality spectral acquisition, and accommodate a number of sample types. These options include a vial/cuvette holder for liquids and powders, a fiber adapter for attachment of a remote fiber probe, a solid sample insert with upright or inverted configuration, and a pill holder for liquid and solid capsules.

Agility SampleDn

Agility with “Sample Down” Quick-Change insert



Agility Cuv

Agility Raman Spectrometer with Cuvette Holder Quick-Change Insert


Agility with ATP 300x176

Agility Raman spectrometer with optional active trigger probe (ATP). Simply push the trigger on the probe, the Agility will then automatically finish the measurement and sample identification.


Agility with probe

Agility Raman Spectrometer with Fiber Raman Probe


532 Agility Benzene

Benzene spectrum acquired with Agility 532nm Raman Spectrometer


Agility 785nm cyclohexane

Cyclohexane Spectrum collected with 785nm Agility

agi 785nm pharma

Raman Spectra of Pharmaceutical Samples from Agility 1064nm Raman


Agility 1064nm Oxidized Red Wine

Superior Fluorescence Avoidance at 1064nm for Red Wine Measurement