Ocean Insight has packaged its high-performance Ocean HDX spectrometer with a high-power UV LED and accessories for protein concentration measurements. The package provides excellent resolution and enhanced dynamic range in absorbance readings, with minimal stray light. From now until March 31 2020, receive a special 20% discount on this complete HDX Bio-Bundle.

The Protein Measurement Package comprises an Ocean HDX-UV-VIS (200-800 nm), 280 nm LED with LDC-1 single-channel driver and LED controller, Square One cuvette holder, a 1 cm pathlength quartz cuvette, a pair of 450 µm solarization-resistant optical fibers, and OceanView 2.0 operating software.

Because it provides excellent resolution at normal light levels as well as stable and meaningful readings at low intensities, the Ocean HDX is an excellent choice to anchor this measurement package. What's more, the spectrometer's internal optical baffling and intelligent processing minimize stray light effects, and using the setup with variable pathlength cells allows the user to tailor specific concentration ranges as desired.


Package Components

  • High-performance spectrometer - Ocean HDX-UV-VIS (200-800 nm) provides accurate measurements across wide range of concentration levels

  • High-power LED with control module -- LSM series 280 nm LED is well suited to protein measurements; included is single-channel LED driver and controller to enable simple programming

  • Robust sampling optics -- Square One cuvette holder and 1 cm pathlength quartz cuvette 

  • Solarization-resistant optical fiber -- (2) 450 µm optical fibers to connect to cuvette holder to light source and spectrometer

  • Spectroscopy software -- OceanView 2.0 desktop spectroscopy software 

Application Note:

Enhanced Dynamic Range for Protein Concentration Monitoring