Ekspla'sLightWire FP200 laser is dedicated for researchers and OEM integrators, who require small, convenient and maintenance free source with transform limited picosecond pulses.

Widely tunable pulse repetition rate 20 kHz – 40 MHz makes it an excellent choice for non-linear microscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, terahertz spectroscopy, ultrafast metrology applications. FP200 model is available with second harmonic option (532 nm). Read more

Download datasheet here.

  • Compact picosecond turn-key fiber laser with variable pulse repetition rates
  • Up to 200 mW
  • Up to 50 nJ
  • 9 ps narrow bandwidth pulses
  • 20 kHz – 40 MHz pulse repetition rates


  • Pulse energy > 50 nJ at repetition rate < 200 kHz
  • 9 ps pulse duration
  • Close to transform limited pulse duration
  • Integrated fiber pulse picker for flexible repetition rate control (20 kHz – 40 MHz, burst mode available)


  • Ultrafast/nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Metrology


  • Second harmonic generation module (532 nm). Peak conversion efficiency: 30% for SH [code: FP200-SH]

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