NL940 series nanosecond NdYAG laser

The Ekspla NL940 series main laser feature is output of temporary shaped pulses based on electrooptical modulator driven by programable arbitrary form generator (AWG). Pulse shaping resolution is 125 ps, while maximum pulse length is 10 ns. Start of the system is single mode CW laser. Then light is amplified in fibre amplifier, later AWG driven modulator transmits only required temporal shape and duration pulse which is amplified in diode pumped regenerative amplifier in order to reach energy sufficient to amplify in singly pass flash-lamp pumped amplifiers.

Power amplifier is a chain of single-pass amplifiers where pulse is amplified up to required energy. During amplification spatial beam shaping is emloyed in order to get flat top shape at the output. The second harmonic generator is based on angle tuned nonlinear crystal placed in a heater. Read more.

Download datasheet here

  • High energy nanosecond lasers
  • Temporary shaped 3 – 10 ns pulses
  • Pulse energies up to 10 J
  • 10 Hz pulse repetition rate


  • Up to 10 J output energy
  • 10 Hz repetition rate
  • 3 – 10 ns pulse duration
  • 1064 or 532 nm output wavelength
  • Spatial flat top beam profile
  • Fibre front end output amplified in diode pumped regenerative amplifier


  • OPCPA pumping
  • Front end for power amplifiers
  • Ti: Sapphire pumping
  • Laser peening – material hardening by laser-induced shock wave
  • Plasma and shock physics

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