160 J 1053 nm MM laser system

Ekspla offers a wide range of high energy Nd:Glass laser systems. Typically Nd:Glass laser comprise SLM diode pumped master oscillator, pre-amplifier, pulse shaper and main lamp pumped amplifiers. Read more.

Download datasheet here.


  • Front end options
    –    Diode pumped SLM or MM master oscillator featuring excellent stability, live time and maintenance-free operation based on Nd:glass or Nd:YLF
    –    Temporally shaped seeder / regenerative amplifier configuration allowing application of smoothing technics
    –    Wave front correction system based on DFM
  • Optional SBS compressor ensuring high contrast pulses and controllable pulse duration
  • Flashlamp / LD pumped pre-amplifier
  • Up to Ø60 mm aperture Nd:glass power amplifiers
  • Laser protection by Faraday isolators preventing damage of laser rods by back-reflected light
  • Optimized design for maximum pulse energy extraction
  • Separately controlled PFN circuits for each flash lamp
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of system status based on microprocessor controller
  • Software guide for step-by-step performance check at designated control points
  • Optional second and third harmonics generators

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