Lastek is delighted to have been appointed Australian distributor for Omega Optical, manufacturers of optical interference filters for a wide range of scientific, research and industrial applications.

Founded in 1969 by Robert Johnson D. Sc., President and Technical Director, Omega Optical is a leader in photonics, exploring new areas with fresh ideas, an eager team, and the latest technology to produce the best in optical Interference filters. Our products encompass many markets and applications, including:

  • Medical Diagnostics: Point-of-Care Instrumentation, Hematology, Macular Degeneration, Real-Time Patient Monitoring and more.
  • Industrial: Environmental Monitoring, Machine Vision Systems, Spectroscopy, Lasers, Color Correction, Source Leveling and more.
  • Defense, Aerospace and Astronomy: Infra-Red Vision Systems, targeting systems, LIDAR, Conflict/Weapon Simulators, Outer Space Based Instrumentation, Ground-Based Telescope Systems, and more.

Omega Optical design and produce the most diverse offering of interference filters in the industry and with over 40 years of experience partnering with researchers and instrument designers to meet their requirements, we have the experience you need. Along with our experience, we bring a corporate commitment to cooperatively explore, understand and ultimately refine solutions. This support originates with our team of Scientists, Engineers, and Industry experts from various scientific fields. We want to be your partner on every project, either challenging or simple.

The entire Omega Optical team, from Business Development, Applications Engineering and Sales, to Manufacturing, are appreciative of the opportunity to work with you. Our goal is to assure that the most appropriate solution will be provided with the highest quality product. Our guiding philosophy is to always find solutions.

If you are currently a customer of Omega Optical, thank you for your business! If you are new to Omega Optical, we look forward to working with you.


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  • Custom Work Ranging from Engineering to Prototypes to Production
  • Thousands of Components in Stock
  • Give us your application - we will give you the light you need!