Altechna offers a full range of assembly and manufacturing solutions, from exact build-to-print projects based on customer’s instructions, to fully custom-designed solutions that are tailored to fit the specific end-user needs:

  • Optical parts: prisms, waveplates, lenses, and other glass parts optically contacted or cemented together.
  • Optomechanical parts: optics mounted on various types of metal mounts and housings, either fixed or shifting.

In recent years, Altechna has strengthened by investing in the areas of manufacturing, including a newly built cleanroom area, equipment, as well as technical training for our team members.

Currently, our facilities include:

  • 100 m2 ISO 6 cleanroom working area
  • All the necessary equipment for optomechanical assembly work
  • A choice of various acrylic-based and epoxy adhesives
  • Custom measurement-system set-ups based on the final application
  • Experienced team of engineers and assemblers

Our goal is to provide a service whereby we can help the end user to gain the following additional benefits:

One source
for all your optomechanical projects. Starting with the design, procurement of all necessary parts and ending with a final product.
Full traceability
of all components and processes of the project.
Time & resource savings:
the complex, multi-stage processes required to build optomechanical subassemblies demand a large amount of internal resources and time.
the pre-built, aligned and cleanroom-packed modules can be immediately incorporated into the systems of users.
Increased yield:
reducing customer headaches from damages caused to precision optics when being built into assemblies.
with goods coming from Altechna, a company‘s own cleanroom areas and manufacturing lines can be reallocated to other projects.
Cost savings:
a skilled team of technical experts is ready to help with your needs for the most competitive price on the market.

For more information, visit the Altechna Technological Capabilities page or contact us.