Edmund Optics Knife-Edge Pickoff Mirrors are designed to selectively reflect an individual beam from a group of tightly spaced beams, while minimizing the overall footprint of the application. These mirrors feature a sharp 45° bevel with a reflective coating that extends to the beveled edge on a precision Fused Silica substrate with λ/10 flatness to the bevel. Knife-Edge Pickoff Mirrors are ideal for applications that incorporate dispersion prisms and diffraction gratings. These mirrors are available in three metallic coating options with performance from the visible spectrum into the far IR.

  • Designed to Separate Two Beams Propagating Closely Next to Each Other
  • 45° Bevel 
  • Coating Aperture Up to the Knife-Edge
  • Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold and Protected Silver Coating Options

Common Specifications

Surface Flatness:  λ/10
Substrate: Fused Silica
Back Surface: Fine Grind
Surface Quality: 20-10
Dimensional Tolerance (mm): +0.0/-0.20
Diameter (mm): 25.40
Coating Type: Metal
Bevel: Protective bevel as needed
Edges: Ground
Parallelism (arcmin): 2