The arrival of the CoolLED pE-800 sees LEDs take centre stage as the widefield illumination method of choice. Featuring eight individually controllable LEDs and lightning fast TTL switching, the pE-800 delivers the highest quality data with minimum total cost of ownership. Versatile, intuitive and backed by CoolLED’s world-renowned support and a 36-month warranty, the pE-800 with liquid light guide delivery makes next generation LED illumination accessible to all.


  • 8 selectable channels offers versatility with any channels selectable simultaneously at 100 %
  • Individual control of selected LED wavelengths reduces background noise
  • Broad spectrum from 365-740 nm, covering DAPI-Cy7
  • Industry-leading <7 µs TTL triggering for high-speed imaging
  • Sequence Runner for software control with speed of TTL
  • Removable inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for high-speed imaging
  • Software, TTL, analogue control options for optimised illumination
  • Optimised irradiance control in 1 % steps (2-100 %) and fine control from 0-2 %
  • Light delivery via liquid Light Guide for maximum compatibility

Plus all the benefits afforded by LED Illumination Systems, such as sustainability and longevity.

Mix & match with eight channels

Eight powerful and efficient LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-740 nm for use with fluorophores ranging from DAPI to Cy7. The choice of fluorophore is no longer limited by the light source, and choosing the optimal set for each application has never been easier – even as requirements evolve over time.

All eight channels can be individually controlled, with each LED selected to perfectly match the selected fluorophores. Excitation filters with white light sources let through more unwanted light, and by matching the LED this improves the signal to noise ratio for contrast-rich images revealing finer details and more information.


Images acquired using a CoolLED pE-800 Illumination System: Primary neuron from a rat cortex (supplied by BrainBits) and Bovine pulmonary epithelial cells 

Capture high-speed events

Industry-leading <7 µs TTL triggering is a breakthrough for live cell imaging. Capturing dynamic events is possible with the highest temporal resolution and even without software, thanks to precise hardware synchronisation via TTL input for each channel and compatibility with the pE-6501-8  (USB controlled TTL Conversion Kit).

The ability to fit inline excitation filters capitalises on TTL trigger speeds, as single-band excitation filters can be installed for each channel. When used alongside multi-band filters, for example in a Pinkel configuration, this removes the need for expensive external filter wheels and overcomes the latency restrictions of mechanical movement, presenting a low-cost approach to high-speed imaging.

Affordable automation with Sequence Runner

The popular Sequence Runner program takes speed one step further and combines the versatility of software with the <7 µs speeds of TTL, with minimal requirement for expensive electronic hardware. Once an LED and irradiance sequence are specified in software, Sequence Runner provides lightning fast synchronised triggering via the global TTL-in of the pE-800 and a single TTL-out from a camera (or other hardware).

The pE-800 is unique in offering the only 8-channel Sequence Runner available, and when combined with inline filters, transforms a manual microscope into an affordable and powerful eight-channel automated imaging system. As laboratory budgets become stretched, the pE-800 presents the ideal cost-effective Illumination System which makes high-end LED technology more accessible to life science researchers.

Protecting your samples

Tight hardware synchronisation not only increases temporal resolution, but also means samples are exposed only during acquisition, protecting against photobleaching and phototoxicity and pushing the boundaries of time-lapse studies.

In the Lightbridge graphical user interface (see below), live samples can be further protected by balancing the irradiance to the lowest level possible while still maintaining image quality, with fine (0,1 %) control from 0-2 %, and in 1 % steps up to 100 %. And the more life-like a cell behaves, the more valuable a data set becomes.

Intuitive software control

Software control is achieved through a fast USB 2.0 connection and the user-friendly LightBridge Graphical User Interface (GUI), where control options include:

  • On/off control
  • LED selection
  • Real time irradiance control
  • Sequence Runner
  • Save and load pre-sets
  • pE-800 start-up settings
  • Analogue settings

It is important to note that The LightBridge is only compatible with the pE-800. In addition to The LightBridge, which can be downloaded here, users can also benefit from full integration into third party imaging software.

Beyond imaging

Eight individual analogue inputs allow irradiance to be controlled from 0-100 % for each channel via analogue signal (0-10 v), which is ideal for electrophysiology and optogenetics applications.

Fit to your microscope

The compact system is compatible with the majority of microscope models. Liquid light guide delivery offers flexible placement.

Sustainable illumination

The compact pE-800 Illumination System builds on award-winning CoolLED technology, with stable and reliable performance and ultra-low power consumption. The sustainability benefits go beyond energy efficiency, and by removing the need for toxic mercury, the pE-800 is a natural choice for cleaner, greener labs.