The RWD R810 Dual Color Multichannel Fiber Photometry System records changes in the fluorescence intensity of neurons in a specific brain area to characterize changes in neuronal population activity. In the study of neural circuits, the optical fiber recording system can perform long-term stable monitoring of the neurons in the group of freely moving animals, and then explore the correlation between neuronal activity and animal behavior.

The system has two excitation light sources, 410nm and 470nm, of which the unique 410nm can be used as a background signal to ensure effective acquisition of real fluorescence data. The system can collect data from 9 channels at the same time, which is suitable for recording multiple brain nuclei or multiple animals at the same time.

High Accurate

  • Ultra-high sensitivity scientific research-grade CMOS camera, with higher quantum conversion efficiency, and the acquisition frequency can reach 300fps.
  • Two kinds of excitation light sources (410/470nm), 410nm light source as the reference light source, 470nm light source excites GCaMP, effectively removes motion artifacts.

High efficiency

  • Supports up to 9 channels of simultaneous acquisition, suitable for simultaneous recording of multiple nerve nuclei.
  • Professional integrated software, fluorescence data and animal behavior video can be collected and analyzed simultaneously.


  • 4 Input ports, support a variety of external signal input and automatic marking, 4 Output ports, support outputting TTL signals to trigger external third-party equipment.
  • The software supports 10 kinds of manual marking and automatic marking of external signals.
  • The software supports the setting of multiple start and end conditions. And Two modes of excitation Continuous or Sequential.
  • Different ROI regions can be set and named during behavioral video collection, and various behavioral analyses can be performed later.
  • The results can be exported to CSV, HeatMap, df/f, Z-Score and other formats.